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New Management. Same old crap.

Billionaire Bob must go.

Huge moves so far! πŸ˜‚

4 thoughts on “Huge moves so far! πŸ˜‚”

    Teddy from Wheeling says:

    That’s hilarious and typical Bob Nothing style.

    2020 MLB Payrolls
    Yankees $243,228,571
    Red Sox $218,946,428

    Cubs $183,310,000
    Cardinals $156,641,666
    Reds $110,839,880
    Brewers $85,516,666
    Pirates $60,033,500 (27th)

    Sonny says:

    Mark Madden has it right. It’s always an illusion.

    Look what I have in this hand. Meanwhile the other hand is punching you in the nuts.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I hear that that Socrates guy is pretty smart.

    James Hersch says:

    From and old fan that watched Pirates beat Yankees in 1960 via TV ( tv was brought into class room so we could watch the game). Non speak and dribble bringing in never been and touting they hit around the Mendoza line.

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