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In an already crowded 4-man outfield, Jordan Luplow gets playing time!??

This news will likely be overlooked, since the Pirates won their first series in 2 weeks, but playing time decisions are a major head-scratcher.  Hurdle, who at times looks like he throws a dart blind-folded at a roster to decide who leads off, takes his outfield shuffling to a new level.

The Coin-flipping Clintster has been managing (and I use that word loosely), a 4-man rotating outfield to give playing time to Starling Marte, Gregory Polonco, Cory Dickerson, and Austin Meadows.  Meadows and Dickerson have maintained +.300 batting averages thus far.  Given the crowded outfield, the Pirates somehow found it advisable to bring up outfielder Jordan Luplow from the minors!  And it gets even better (or crazier) than that…Clint pinch hits him for a couple of games OVER Austin Meadows and Cory Dickerson.  In Tuesday’s game, Luplow once again pinch hit UNsuccessfully.  Two innings later in Tuesday’s game, Austin Meadows finally got to pinch hit.  His was a successful pinch hit and he stayed in the game to play left field. Two innings later Meadows had another successful plate appearance with yet another hit!

Flash forward to the Wednesday line up.  Meadows SITS once again for the 5th time in 6 games and JORDAN LUPLOW gets the start in left.  WTF??  For the record, the Pirates did win, but Luplow went 0-3 and has only one hit this year thus far.

There are only 2 guys on the Pirates entire roster that are batting .300, and both are sitting WAY too often.  Clint, we all know that ownership of the team sucks.  Why do you have to join them and sucking so bad as a manager??

17 thoughts on “In an already crowded 4-man outfield, Jordan Luplow gets playing time!??”

    Loose Joe says:

    Luplow. What a joke! .202 all-time average in majors.

    McGillicuddy says:

    Wasn’t Luplow one of Boxing’s 3 Stooges last year? (With Moroff and Rodriguez) they were the sub-200 hitters.

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    Ya, he was on the list but only part of the year last year. Remember that Jaso and Chris stewart got some play on the list early last season. Imagine if we combined ALL the stooges in the same line up? I think Hurdle had four of the five in one game last year.
    Rodriguez, Moroff, Luplow, Stewart, and Jaso. Whew!

    Millvale Mark says:

    Last weekend was the first time Neal Huntington gave huge hints that the Bucs will be sellers at the trade deadline. I smell a real fire sale coming including Mercer, Cervelli, Nova, Dickerson, etc.

    Newspaper John says:

    Throw in Clint as a freebie

    Steve Ho Gung says:

    If my uncle were playing, we’d be in first place!

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    If the Pirates can just win 50 of the remaining 70 games, they would be 93-69 at the end of the season and probably easily get a wild card.

    I feel it!!

    Truth Hurts says:

    C’mon Ollie, you’re dreaming if you think that is even remotely possible. Bucs need to sell off and re-tool. Shame is though, unless we re-tool with the selling of the team to a reasonable owner, we are destined to just repeat the same luke-warm building and then selling off again.

    Tommy says:

    Speaking of tools, I saw Nutting again in Wheeling at the new brewery pub near his office. He sat by himself and no one spoke to him, not even the bartenders.

    He drinks beer with his pinkie finger out. Typical. Once again, no tip was left for the bartenders.

    What a dime-store, cut-rate, bargain-basement cheap excuse for an owner.

    Pessimisic Ollie (bi-polar so aka Optimistic Ollie) says:

    It will be a major accomplishment just to stay out of last place! We’re only a couple games away from that. And Hurdle got a new 4-year deal to manage like this??? He needs a straight jacket on and someone else to only release him once the line up is complete.

    Einstein says:

    Stop the presses! Jordan luplow starting again tonight, Thursday, over Austin Meadows and Gregory Polanco. And the dartboard for leadoff man continues with Dickerson leading off tonight.

    Doc Bronson says:

    From a psychological perspective, Luplow is likely serving the role that Rodriguez did for Hurdle. Clint seems to have an uncommon affinity for under-achievers, like his love for Benoit and Moroff and Rodriguez last year. This year, with Where’s Waldo Rodriguez gone for the last week or two, Hurdle has a need to find a new low performing replacement.

    It’s sad.

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Bucs win! 6-3. Luplow again went O-fer, with one strikeout, 2 double plays and one groundout.

    His batting average is .100

    Don’t believe we are hearing talk of sending .300 hitter Meadows down to AAA and keeping Luplow here in the new 4 man outfield.

    Tommy says:

    I’d trade Luplow and Hurdle for one of those snow cones on the Northside.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I had to put on the “B” team radio show since I worked a little late and missed Mark Madden. I was forced to listen to Clinty and boy was he an arrogant.

    I couldn’t believe how he spoke to reporters. He acted as though he was Joe Torre in his prime not an over the hill, sub .500, overrated, outdated, tired, fly by the seat of his Depends manager. He would have been fired by any other team in baseball but the lowly Bucs.

    Sharon from Glassport says:

    Slappy, I agree with everything except the Depends comment. Clint doesn’t even know that those exist.

    I saw him calling the bullpen from a bag phone.

    He watches game film on Beta.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Luplow actually had a great game. Someone eating my words but still feel bad for Meadows and his 300 average riding the bench 10 of the last 11 games

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