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Brace Yourself: The Forums Are Coming

Alright, folks. Just did a major update to the site, and you may have noticed on the front page that there is a new column: “The Forums”.

We created this so that you can have a place to sound off on the Pirates, too. But, there are a few ground rules.

  1. You have to register for an account in order to post or comment in the forums. We’re doing this as a way to keep the them spam free. (For the time being, you still don’t need to register to comment on our posts, but if we have a good response and a bunch of people sign up, then we might change that down the road.)
  2. There are currently four different forums right now, The Pirates (naturally), Other MLB Teams, Other Pittsburgh Sports, and Site Stuff (for questions or suggestions for the site). Please file any new forum posts appropriately, or surely your entire family will feel shame.

If you have any questions, ask away. And enjoy.

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