Sad Face Emoji

Mercifully, it's finally over!

Mediocrity at its finest…

Just when you started to believe…

They do what they do.

When will you all learn?

This is the modus operandi of this organization.

14 thoughts on “Just when you started to believe…”

    Patrick from Churchill says:

    OMG, how true. We were actually getting excited about the upcoming homestand. Then I realized that I am part of the problem. I will buy some seats for me and my kids and drop a couple hundred bucks as usual.

    For what reason? Now, I get it. It’s a pretty ballpark and they have Dipping Dots. Woo, freaking hoo! ?

    Transplant from Trenton says:

    The past two days were so bad that we had more total errors (4) than runs (3). I haven’t felt this bad since Beamer got caught at that frat party.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Where’s Waldo Rodriguez gets yet another start and hot hitting Josh Bell gets a “regular day off.” Clint, he’s 25 and the whole team is off tomorrow to rest. Does he really need TWO days in a row off? Again, PLAY THE BEST PLAYERS!! Losing line ups produce losing results. Danny Murtaugh & Chuck Tanner are turning over in their graves.

    Gumby in Hermitage says:

    Oh well, Nutting ventured Nutting gained.

    Sunshine from Charlotte says:

    I see a lot of Pittsburgh fans come by my bar in the airport. I can’t remember as much frustration as I have heard this year especially when folks are coming home from a game.

    I don’t understand why people get so hung up on sports.

    Pizza Guy says:

    Now Neil Walker will kick our ass the next few games.

    Luigi from Harmony says:

    You CAN blame Nutting, but I also blame Neal Puntington. (3 downs and out Neal Puntington)

    Scratch says:

    We are really lucky his name is so easy to make puns of:
    Neal Nothington
    Neal Puntington
    Neal JUNKington
    Neal Punkington

    But he kneels (Neal) to Nutting if you know what I mean)

    Cheeseburger in Paradise says:

    Losses to the left. Losses to the right…..We’re the only team in town.

    Fired Isaly Employee says:

    Where is the dipping dots booth Patrick?

    Linda from South Park says:

    3rd base side lower level. Next to the $18 Tito’s and lemonade stand.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Where’s the Gunner?

    Ironman Cervelli is hurt again. This guy cracks me up. I can’t take him anymore and find it so hard to believe that he’s a fan favorite.

    With Polonco, how may hammy tweaks does he have to have before we DL him? I guess we are just waiting for it to tear and then we can get Waldo in the line up.

    The good news is we will have two new guys this coming year to do the UPMC commercials.

    36 of 38 coming up against the division? We may catch the Reds.

    Tommy says:

    I always wondered who and why but I think that I got it. Clint “Over Manager” Hurdle is “that” person that drinks scotch and milk.

    CubsRule says:

    The Cubs scored more runs tonight then the Pirates have scored in the past week. Nuff said?

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