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Mercifully, it's finally over!

Mediocrity at its finest…

Boxing Jimmy to retire?

No, no, no…

I was watching FS1 since ESPN just caters to the NBA and saw a brief clip about a boxer retiring.

Say it ain’t so Boxing!

4 thoughts on “Boxing Jimmy to retire?”

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Not good at all if true; but Tommy, I think it was some Russian dude.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Tommy: IT AIN’T SO! I just took some time off having gotten caught up in the pandemonium that erupted with the Pirates 2nd win in 10 tries versus the Reds and Jaso’s first hit since the Bush Administration.

    Still recovering from partying on the South Side due to these two colossal achievements.

    Vladimir Klitchko says:


    Dat was meh who retire

    Box Seat Sal says:

    Frazier should be a regular starter and Benoit is a joke. Now you know why the Phillies paid us to take him. You know something is wrong when the worst team in the league doesn’t want a guy.

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