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Bobblehead, Mini-Bat, Umbrella and Towel Promotions ! …Excited??!!

Mark your calendars! Sean Rodriguez Walk-Off Bobblehead Promotion is June 23rd!!

In addition to the standard Free Shirt Fridays and Zambelli Fireworks Nights, the Pirates are beefing up the promotions and gimmicks to try to lure you back in droves next season.  Just announced are the promotional dates and give-aways for the 2018 season.  Oh, you’d like to see a better baseball team on the field.  […]


Cubs vs. Dodgers & Astros vs. Yankees…If you watch any game, you’ll see why Bucs don’t belong!

The talent of these pitching staffs is phenomenal.  Verlander, Keuchel, Severino, Tanaka, Sabathia, Lester, Quintana, Kershaw, Darvish, Wood.  The list is impressive.  Even teams that fell short of the league championship series are loaded at pitching.  (Example:  Sherzer and Strasburg for Washington). Received this picture from Tommy, and couldn’t resist putting it up as the […]


Painful Season ends on Winning Note: But Plenty to Concern us for next year !

Bucs won their final game of the season today, despite demonstrating their school-yard ineptness with a few highlite-reel errors.  Two times I heard Bob Walk say, “And this should end the game,” only to see error after error to lengthen the ninth inning.  As for me, I am off to Pirates City for the next […]


With Nine Games Left…Can the Bucs Stay out of Last Place ??

Remember when they were a .500 team in early August?  Remember when they had closed to just 2 games out of first place?  They are 15 games UNDER 500 now and 17 games out of first place.  And herein lies the problem.  Those 17 games that they have backed off in the division have now put the […]


Pittsburgh Fans are the Best!…And all three Sports Franchises Have Sellouts

Been to a Steelers game lately?  They are a well run organization that prides itself on competing for the Championship every year.  That is why you will almost always see Sellouts.  Been to a Penguins game lately?  They are a well run organization that prides itself on competing for the Cup every year.  That is […]


There are TWO Races in the National League Central:…For First and for WORST

If the Pirates continue to trot out line ups like that of tonight, don’t be surprised to see them falling even deeper in the standings with just 16 games to go.  We all know the usual suspects of the National League Central Division.  We have the Cardinals and Brewers winning again tonight and trying to […]


The Bucs Fans and the Bucs Brass:…Let’s Compare and Contrast

It all starts with expectations.  You, the fan, were optimistic.  If the Pirates remained competitive into late year, surely the brass would try to better the team for the stretch.  Your expectations were rational.  The Brass never had expectations that were aligned with yours.  Yours were high…and theirs were low.   Instead, the Pirates Brass […]


Boxing Jimmy Says:

Baseball Winter Meetings Update: Pirates Claim infielder Engalb Vielma from Phillies

Why do we even go to the meetings?  Here are the particulars on Engalb Vielma.

  1. He's a minor league shortstop who had a . [...]