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2019: Final Edition

Another successful season, and now the joy of the World Series is upon us. The 2019 Pirates will be at the playoffs – if they bought tickets, that is. Any realistic shot of participating in the playoffs disappeared in March when an umpire said “Play ball!” The thing I thought was ridiculous was a headline in the September 14th Post-Gazette – “Pitching problems eliminate Pirates from postseason contention”. Seriously? They never had any shot at the postseason, but you’re going to blame it on pitching? Okay, I suppose it is part of the problem – but only a part. They did fire Clint Hurdle, curiously, with one game remaining, Must have been a clause in his contract that good old penny-pinching Nutting needed to enact! What scumbags the ownership of the Pirates are, right?

What a season our Buccos put up this year. They returned to history this season, posting a less than mediocre 69 wins, going 69-93 (.426), good for (drum roll, please!) LAST place in the NL Central! Yes, back to being cellar-dwellers!

The dumpster fire that morphed into a total tank job got some added fuel when closer Felipe Vasquez got arrested in mid-September, being charged with using a computer device to solicit a child for sex and providing obscene material to a minor in Florida. Wait, there was more! As if that isn’t bad enough, this jerk-off added these charges to the list:

Statutory sexual assault of a victim who is at least 16 years old by a person who is at least 11 years older than the victim, unlawful contact with a minor, corruption of a minor by a defendant who is 18 years old or older and indecent assault of a person less than 16 years old.

Wow, Felipe, that’s quite a laundry list of charges the average person would never want to be facing! Have fun with those! Add to that, he was declared a flight risk, so hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to jail you go! Enjoy that! They LOVE kid-touchers there, especially rich ones! Say hello to Jared Fogle and Jerry Sandusky.

Whew! Time to regroup, and get back to baseball! These Buccos really are the Battlin’ Buccos – the problem is, they are battlin’ each other! Kyle Crick (Shouldn’t it be spelled “creek”, yet pronounced “crick”?) and Felipe Vasquez had an altercation in the clubhouse during the San Francisco Giants series. The Pirates announced that Crick suffered an injury to the index finger on his pitching hand and underwent extensive tendon repair surgery but he is expected to be healthy ahead of spring training next year. Thank goodness. LMAO. So he gets hurt scrapping his own teammate, but it is all good because he will be ready to suck next year? Neal Huntington commented, “The behavior exhibited by these two players is unacceptable, inconsistent with the standards expected of a Major League player and will not be tolerated by the organization.” Good thing they do not play for one of those!

Kyle Crick was also involved in a hullabaloo in July when he asked why fellow reliever Felipe Vázquez was he was not on the field for warm-ups when everyone else was. Bullpen coach Euclides Rojas told Crick to mind his own business, and things escalated from there. So it sounds like things are ship-shape about the Buccaneer Express, right? Don’t worry. The new rookie, minimum-wage Manager will be fine.

Then there was the mid-September series against the Cubs. That is 47 runs given up in only three games!:

Game 1 of the set was a 17-8 loss
Game 2 was a 14-1 loss. Up to that point, the club allowed 10 or more runs 28 times in 2019, matching the club record set in 1930. Wait, there’s more! Pirates pitchers hit four batters in that game, something that has not happened since May 8, 1909.
Game 3 was a 16-6 loss. That’s a scoring differential of 47-15. Come on, giving up 47 runs in three games? I went back and looked, and the Pirates gave up 49 runs in their first 14 games of the season.

Oh well. I guess that is all to be expected with Neil Nothington leading the charge and Bob Nothing at the helm.

Let’s Go Pens.

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    Peggy Marchont says:

    Amen Tommy. Im 66 year old but as much as i have fond memories of the Bucs, i just cant bring myself to get emotionally involved anymore.

    When ownership and management doesn’t care, why should I.

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