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We are falling apart. Do something Nutting!

2 thoughts on “We are falling apart. Do something Nutting!”

    Samuel Forest says:

    9 losses in a row with 6 games left. What a sad state of affairs. Nutting, aka “Nothing” has still not crawled out of his hole to address this abomination of a so-called franchise.

    Hiding won’t make it go away Bob. You’ve been hiding for years and as you can see, that doesn’t help. If you don’t want to be involved, fine.

    You do have a responsibility to at least field a professional team. I see a class-action lawsuit coming. Major league prices with a minor league product is deceptive and unethical.

    Al Justin says:

    What a joke. Hurdle says he’s coming back and Neil Nothington clarifies with “Tomlin” speak.

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