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Management is so happy!

It’s so sad that any ownership of any team is happier when the team loses. Now, Nothing (Nutting) and the Puppet (Huntington) are able to claim that they were prepared to make a move before the series disaster in Chicago.

What a joke. We all knew that no big trades were going to be made. Now they can sell off Marte’ and Vazquez for more prospects. I hope that I’m wrong but I think that the end is upon us.

St. Louis will probably be the end of the road.

5 thoughts on “Management is so happy!”

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    4 in a row and counting. I heard the overmanager Clint, blame the All-Star break for the lackluster start. Hey Clint, everyone had the same break.

    What a lazy, mediocre, lump of crap.

    Thee Anti-Clint says:

    Pitching gets better everyday. ROTFLMFAO. Unreal. Holmes had a 54.0 ERA tonight. You can’t make this stuff up. Don’t worry Clint, I’m sure he tried really, really hard so it’s good that you still gave him that pat him on the butt. Give me a freaking break.

    Joseph Meredith II says:

    Must dos:

    1. Divulge what happened with Kela. Secrets always start rumors.

    2. Another loss. Same old Archer. Do not pick up his option. The Pirates tried on this one and it just didn’t work out. At least they gave a big trade a shot.

    3. Fire Hurdle. It’s a 6 million dollar hit. He is overpaid. He is making 3 million a year which is more than 25 other managers including Paul Molitor from the Twins who makes 1.5, Aaron Boone of the Yankees who makes 1.15 and Dave Roberts from the Dodgers who is only making 1 million. Need I say more?

    Start a Go Fund Me page if you must but he is completely out of touch with how baseball is played. He’s a likable guy, kind of like a Santa Claus, but cmon man. Where are we going with him? His career record is 1246-1307. Do we really need to pay him to be the 7th highest manager in baseball with a .488 lifetime winning percentage?

    4. Trade Marte’ now. His value has never been higher and he is the Pirates version of Antonio Brown. He’s lazy and at 30 years old, that won’t change. Throw in Cervelli. Throw in the entire bullpen, EXCEPT for Vazquez. He’s excellent at what he does and is under a reasonable contract for some time.

    5. Here’s a random did you know. The 2019 payroll of the Red Sox is $227 million. The payroll of the Pirates is $78 million, the 4th lowest in all of baseball. The league average is $135 million. Now, we all know that Nothing, aka Nutting, is cheap but being $57 million under the league average is BS.

    That’s it for now. Steelers training camp opens this Friday!

    Alvin Garrett says:

    You be all over it Joe. I agree wit ya. Book it.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Best ERA of tonight’s blowout? Jacob Stallaings our catcher had a 0.00 ERA. Think about that for a minute. We had 2 position players pitching tonight.

    Just when you think that we’ve hit rock bottom it gets worse.

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