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Steve Blass

Why does the media want to put a racial tone on everything? Thank you to Tim Benz for defending Steve.

Steve said what he was thinking. That’s still OK in this country, right? He didn’t swear or utter a single racial comment or use any racial tone.

In my opinion, these guys with all of the bling around their necks, arms or wherever do look ridiculous. That applies to Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Puerto Rican’s, etc. It happens in the NFL as well.

It’s OK to make comments, positive or critical about public figures.

Steve has been a baseball man his whole life and was part of a team that started an entirely black lineup. Talk about that, trolls. He didn’t care about it then nor does he now.

The folks complaining also are probably against the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, the Second Amendment, Border Security and plastic straws.

Get over it, get a life or move away to Pakistan or Yemen.

Back to you Steve…

5 thoughts on “Steve Blass”

    Slappy from Greenfield says:


    Lee Sum Kang says:

    My uncle met Steve many times and he always spoke highly of him.

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    Rookie Davis going tonight! He is terrific. I’m going to watch every pitch because we may see something special happen tonight. maybe a no-no

    You heard it here first

    Pessimistic Ollie says:

    Rookie Davis?? The Bucs have NO chance tonight. He sucks!

    Nunyo Bidness says:

    So, you waste your time bitching about a baseball team but still can’t help but give it an unrelated political screed. Sad!

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