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Clint, Clint, Clint…

In typical fashion, Clint the over manager, is back to his old tricks. Last night was a joke.

The handling of this pitching staff is embarrassing. Yes, we have a couple of starters hurt. So does nine other MLB teams. This is why you have minor leagues.

The concept of a opener is crazy. We don’t have the talent. Just because Tampa did it, doesn’t mean we can do it. We aren’t Tampa.

The Pirates peaked some interest as they do every year. Unfortunately they are doing what they do every year and folding quickly. A nice road trip and then crap the bed at home.

It’s a shame that Josh Bell is an MVP candidate yet, the team is around .500 with hope fading quickly.

Same old thing. Clint, I blame you! Do us all a favor and resign. Maybe the bench coach will make some actual baseball decisions based on this centuries style of baseball.

4 thoughts on “Clint, Clint, Clint…”

    Sonny Mercer says:

    Every game seems yet another mismanage of the pitchers. Yesterday the Bucs have a 6 run lead late in the game and waste Liriano in late innings when we could have saved him to spot start today, which we sorely needed. I also question why waste the energy of having Vasquez warming up heavily in the bullpen with a 6 run lead??
    Now we are stuck with no viable starter for today’s game, and are stuck using the dreaded “opener” in the person of Feliz Navidad to take the mound early.
    Can’t the coaching staff have an intervention of something to stop this dolt Hurdle from costing the Bucs another 10 games this year with his demented decisions and critical thinking?

    Ralph Kramden says:

    What a shock! Police blew up in the first inning. Hurdle is a jackass

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Same old sh*t, different day.

    Maybe they should have public pitching tryouts? It might be brilliant. They may find an opener that you could pay minimum wage.

    Nutting would be so happy.

    PS: Glasnow and Meadows are kicking ass.

    Grace from Plum says:

    I agree Slappy.

    We can’t win with a AAA team. Hell, we are already tapping AA Altoona.

    Not looking good and we aren’t even halfway through the season.

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