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Let’s be realistic

It is hard to say we will be competitive when we look at something as simple as team salary. The Pirates have their salary stuck firmly in 27th place (out of 30) with a payroll of $75,883,002. At the two ends of the spectrum, that figure represents 33.7% of Boston’s $225,183,602 salary, and surprisingly 127% of Tampa Bay’s $59,901,866. However, it only sits at 56.85% of the League average of $133,472,253. Three teams (Boston, Cubs and Yankees) have payrolls north of $200M, and a whopping 23 teams have salaries greater than $100M. Remember, Nutting spewed utter bullshit before the season that salary was not controllable. He is the owner! We all have days when we were born, but not one of us was born yesterday! Go read a newspaper on a ski lift, and sell the team!

We all know the bullet points I include in my ghost writing, I like to call the Pirate Pool. Many of you have freely admitted you could care less about the Pirates, but love the write-ups!

Here are some bullet points about the Pirates just from the first month of the season:
Kevin Newman committed three errors in one inning against the Cubs. The last Pirate to make 3 errors in an inning was Claude Ritchey – in 1900. Yes, 119 years ago. William McKinley was President, the Gold Standard Act of the United States (establishing gold as the only standard for redeeming paper money) was passed, and Pittsburgh did not even buy their “h” yet – they were just Pittsburg.
The geniuses running concessions did not supply enough hot dog buns for the “Buc Night” promotion against the St. Louis Cardinals April 3rd.
The attendance on April 4th was a glorious 8,532. In my records since 2009, that was 3rd worst, behind 8,482 May 4th, 2009 against Milwaukee, and 2,596 on August 20th, 2017 – but that game was a “home” game in Williamsport. In fact, it was NOT a good month for attendance. Check out these strong showings, and remember, all of these are in the lowest 20 games of the last 800 home games:
8,558 on April 23rd
9,233 on April 22nd
9,365 on April 25th
9,450 on April 24th

After the first month-ish of the season, the Buccos stand at 13-14 (.481). They were doing well (against the Reds), but unfortunately, they have other teams to play as well. They’ve already had an 8-game losing streak. Will they match it or beat it? Time will tell!

Average home attendance stands at 14,967. By comparison, last year was 13,797 after 13 home games, and 23,378 in 2017 after 13. Pro-rate numbers show about 78 wins, and attendance at 18,112 – but we all know how well that works, right?

Its a long way to go but don’t get too excited.

3 thoughts on “Let’s be realistic”

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    I dont have dem der encyclopedias like you do Casper, but I think the bucs have righted the ship today and will run away with this divison.

    Loose Joe says:

    Ya, I was there the game where they ran out of hot dog buns. I just bought a gyro and through away the meat and put my dog in the pita. Cost me like $12 but I kinda liked it.

    Pessimistic Ollie says:

    First place??? You’re a moron Optimistic Ollie! Quit posting your bullshit unrealistic opinions here. We want reality like Ghost man delivers!

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