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Back to reality

For the few of you that were feeling good about the start of the season, I hate to break this to you, but the Pirates suck.

Polanco can’t throw but he’s starting?
Moran is playing second base for the first time ever?
Diaz is ready but Cervelli keeps playing while batting <200? It's a long season but now you are seeing the real Bucs.

3 thoughts on “Back to reality”

    Dung ye Kang says:

    I can’t believe it.! My uncle is up to a strong 169 average, and the bucs have been losing. Certainly not my uncle’s fault

    Slappy Fromm Greenfield says:

    Another day, another loss and more errors. They look like a AA team. It’s embarrassing. How fast it has gone from first to worst.

    Dan D’Pietro from Latrobe says:

    Less than 3 months until Steelers open training camp.

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