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Facts – Good and Bad.

The good:

The Pirates starting rotation has the lowest batting average against in MLB. It is .185.

The starters are leading MLB with 3 shutouts in 11 games.

The starters are ranked third in MLB with an ERA of 2.61.

Great job starters. Ask for a trade.

The bad or should I say typical type stats:

The Bucs are ranked next to last in MLB with 14 errors in 11 games.

The bullpen has a 5.80 ERA. Worst in MLB as I type.

The team has a batting average of .239.

The team has 38 RBIs for the year. That is ranked 28th in MLB. FYI: Seattle has 116.

The team has 8 home runs for the year. That is tied for last in MLB. FYI: Oakland has 33.

It’s more bad news than good. You can’t win a game with zero runs. It’s only 12 games into the year but it looks like “Groundhog Day” all over again.

5 thoughts on “Facts – Good and Bad.”

    Samsung Kang says:

    My uncle was pulled out for the dopey Moran in the 10th. Let my uncle be the hero….Not Moran. Even though unc is only hitting .108 so far, I bet he has a MVP year!

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    The offense exploded tonight! The Bucs will run away with this division!

    Pessimistic Ollie says:

    Don’t start this over the top optimism this early in the season. Re-read Tommy’s post. The Bucs do have some strong suits but they will need to correct a lot of things to be in the elite of the division. I think they will be lucky with 4th place again

    Slappy from Greenfield says:


    That is Hurdle’s career record, including tonight.

    Where are we going with that?

    James HERSCH says:

    Pirates field a light hitting , poor fielding triple A LINEUP. KANG Bat is slow , Moran cannot field , shortstop and REYAS make Mendoza line look 👀 good. Rerun of last few years , scrap heap fill in for average MLB. Old man 👴 saw my first game Forbs field in late 1950’s, when they were bad they always had some star power, who is the draw know ?

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