Sad Face Emoji

He’s staying?

Are you kidding me?

Well, well, well…

It didn’t take too long for Clint, the over manager, to stamp his mark on this year’s team.

I’ve heard how great this bullpen was going to be. Actually, I have actually heard “best in the majors.” Now that’s funny AF.

I wondered why we did not parade out the bullpen the other day when we brought out Musgrove, a starter. I think that after today’s game you realize why. Our bullpen is horrible.

I’ve heard how great Keona is going to be. LMAO. I’ve heard how great Vasquez, AKA Rivero is going to be. LMFAO.


If you really were drinking the Kool-Aid, I suggest that you try some CBD. At least you will be calm and numb when you watch the same old, same old Bucs.

Remember that a 60 million dollar payroll says it all.

Nothing from Nutting is nothing.

4 thoughts on “Well, well, well…”

    Slappy from Greenfield says:


    Let’s see how quick attendance drops another 10-20%.

    Shuck is again in the starting line up. Give me a break.

    If I wanted to see minor league ball, I’d drive to Altoona or Washington, PA.

    Jamie says:

    I’m already tired of their crap. That’s sad because I was somewhat optimistic for our pitching.

    Dolly from McKeesport says:

    It looked to me that there were many empty seats on opening day. Not a good sign.

    I think that apathy is prevalent.

    dan says:

    It looks like a 100 loss season this year

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