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It's Spring and with that comes pessimism!

Are you ready to be disappointed, again?

Welcome back to

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable off season. When we last touched base, Boxing Jimmy called the season over in mid-August. He was correct as always.

I would like to say that we should be optimistic this year but I am not sure who is going to hit and give us any run production. The pitching looks to be good on paper but we line out cat’s litter box with paper as well. Give a few weeks and let’s see who needs Tommy John. My guess is the new guy, Chris Archer. Why not build upon his disappointing start to his Pirate’s career.

I have already heard the news that Keone Kela will not be talking to the media this year. That’s OK with me but would he please give that same advice to Antonio Brown?

Please keep in mind that we started Spring Training at 3-0! Woo hoo! That should have made everyone excited. Since then the real Bucco’s have shown up and have boasted a record of 1-6-1. Now that’s the team that I expected.

Good luck, best wishes and as always, don’t get your hopes up.

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    Boxing Jimmy says:

    I wish Joe Buck didn’t talk either. It’s painful to go through another season listening to him. If he is on the radio, I watch the TV broadcast. If he is on TV, I switch to radio. Listening to him is almost as painful as watching Clint do the macarena with our line up day to day.

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