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State of the Pirates – 2018 Final Edition

It’s time for everyone’s favorite edition of the State of the Pirates – the last one!

Thankfully, the 2018 Pittsburgh Pirates baseball season is over, and the NHL drops the puck this week!  Win-win!  They Bucs exceeded expectations from the 2017 season, but the result is the same – no post-season.  The Pirates finished the 2018 campaign with a winning record of 82-79 (.509), but once again, it was only good enough for 4th place in the NL Central.  From a glass-half-full perspective, things might look promising for next season.  From a glass-half-empty perspective, it doesn’t really matter, they ended in 4th place.

Attendance plunged to the lowest value ever at PNC Park, representing paid attendance of 1,465,314.  Attendance for the Pirates hasn’t been this low since 1996, when the Buccos hem-hawed through a 73-89 season.  Attendance that season was 1,332,150, good for a measly 16,652 over the 80 game home campaign.  Anyone think that Nutting is listening, or he even gives the slightest shit about it at all?  I’m going to guess “no” – he’s probably too busy reading a newspaper, thinking it’s 1937 all over again.  Numbers don’t lie:























·         Speaking of losers, I’m now firmly in the camp that the sooner Pat Narduzzi leaves Pitt, the better.  I mentioned his appalling play calling last season against Virginia Tech, but the complete lack of creativity against Penn State was atrocious.  I find it ironic our horrific AD Heather Lyke dumped every other coach in Pitt athletics but kept Narduzzi.  Pitt football’s elevator is stuck in between floors G and 2, and emergency calls to Otis won’t be able to fix it!

·         Also from the Pitt-Penn State game, we all got reminded how much of a classless scumbag Penn State’s coach, James Franklin, really is.  After directing his team to run up the score with passing TDs late in the game, he challenged a fumble with a minute left up 45 points.  That is not coaching, dumbass – that is your spite showing.  I get it, if Pitt wants it to stop, step up and stop it!  However, this is why so many other college programs cannot stand him.  Like the North, college football remembers!  I cannot wait until his team gets bitch-slapped repeatedly by superior teams that deliberately run up the score – and it will happen!  Karma, Franklin!

Good luck out there.  Spring training is 139 days away.

One thought on “State of the Pirates – 2018 Final Edition”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Good points Casper. While I do have some hope for the improving pitching staff, my enthusiasm is buffered by the fact that Clint Hurdle will be making decisions on who to pitch when and when to switch pitchers etc…..for an additional THREE MORE YEARS of his contract.

    Not a lot of confidence in managers/head coaches here in the Burgh. Hurdle, Narduzzi, Tomlin?? Whew!

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