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It's Spring and with that comes pessimism!

Are you ready to be disappointed, again?

E-Rod is gone!

Clint’s stepson is gone and we only have to pay him for 30 more games. $213,000 to go. If I knew that this would have actually been possible, I would have set up a Go Fund Me page some time ago to raise the money for Bob Nothing.

5 thoughts on “E-Rod is gone!”

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Tommy, where have you been my friend? Boxing is working too hard. It’s good to hear from you. I agree totally with your post.

    Here are some stats to ponder:
    – E-Rod ended his 2018 season with the Bucs with a .167 batting average.
    – E-Rod’s career batting average is .226.

    -Mario Mendoza ended his career with a .215 batting average, BUT in his 8 full seasons of playing, his lowest batting average was .180.

    Way to go E-Rod. You have taken an all time low, even lower.

    Goodbye, good luck and good riddance.

    Security Staffing Steve says:

    I’d get him a job with our security company, but I think he’d be uncomfortable with a billy club to carry. He’s not too adept with wooden sticks in his hands.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    How about a groundskeepers job Steve? He knows each defensive position so is super familiar with all of the field, but he’d probably screw up the batter’s box.

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Damn! I wear his jersey to all the home games I go to. Guess I’ll have to pick up a Luplow jersey now.

    Gomer says:

    Who’s gonna run to the concession stand at the 7th inning stretch now? Clay Holmes I’d go with. (Though he might wildly drop something)

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