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I’m HAPPY that Bucs have traded for Starter and Reliever, But for the Love of God…ENOUGH of Where’s Waldo Error Prone and hitless Rodriguez !!

Chris Archer from the Rays to the Bucs.  Check!  (Decent starting pitcher acquired).  Keone Kela acquired from Rangers.  Check!  (A workable arm added to the bullpen).  Meadows, Glasnow and prospects gone.  Oh well, Hurdle didn’t like Rookie of the Month and .298 hitter Meadows so might as well trade him if Clint prefers .171 Luplow over him.   No, I don’t get the preference but the Rays would not have traded Archer to the Bucs without him.  So, I can live with that but will never understand why Hurdle prefers a guy who hits 100 + points below Meadows.

What still bothers me most is the undying, perpetual, never-ending, persistent, extremely loyal addiction to Sean Rodriguez starting in this line up night after night.  What gives?  S-Rod as some know him.  Serpico, as others know him.  Where’s Waldo Rodriguez (he plays all positions bu the one in the batter’s box) as I know him…..and now E-ROD, as infamous Tommy knows him for his racking up of error after error each game to go along with his ineptness at the plate.  Folks, he went 0-4 tonight WITH FOUR STRIKEOUTS!!.  He’s hitting .164, which is 40 points behind the “Mendoza line” considered the apex of futility in major league baseball.   Stop it Clint!!  I’d much rather see anyone…Moroff, Frazier, a much too-rested Harrison of any others you can dig up from the minors that might have an upside.  Rodriguez has none.

Yes, I like the pitching acquisitions that added to this team.  But we still need a manager at the helm to make the most of the talent.  Clint Hurdle is not that man and has proven that for 13 of his 17 years as a manager.

What do you think??

17 thoughts on “I’m HAPPY that Bucs have traded for Starter and Reliever, But for the Love of God…ENOUGH of Where’s Waldo Error Prone and hitless Rodriguez !!”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Nice guy, cares about players, faithful man, etc. But what a woeful leader and over-manager of the line up and pitching staff.

    A shame we’re stuck with him.

    Boneman says:

    Is this Keone Kela coming by slow boat from China to the Bucs. The deal was Monday! Surely he could have been here by Wednesday evening. (Hope he isn’t another headcase)

    Einstein says:

    It’s as if the baseball has a PFA (protection from abuse) on Sean Rodriguez. He can’t field it and the law insists that he can’t get near enough to hit it.

    A genius observation well-stated by yours truly,

    You’re Welcome

    Pessimisic Ollie (bi-polar so aka Optimistic Ollie) says:

    Where’s Waldo Rodriguez has less contact with the ball than a germaphobic urinary surgeon!

    Take that Einstein!

    Tommy says:

    I heard from a reliable source that Clint and E-Rod went to Thomas the Train Town at Kennywood. Now that whole area is shut down and it is brand new. Typical.

    JD Pasquale Jr. says:

    Funny stuff. Kennywood is now a crime scene on most days.

    I still miss West View Park, White Swan Park and Angelo’s Pizza.

    Go Bucs!

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    Rodriguez. 54 strikeouts and 24 hits this year. Absolutely amazing that he gets the call night after night

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I agree with Boxing on E-Rod. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone.

    On another front, Jung Ho is done forever. I hear that he’s going to Allegheny Health Network for wrist surgery. Lefty did that once, only once.

    Gwen from Midway says:

    He should have called Peg and Ilean for a referral.

    Dante’ from 8th Street says:

    Hey, this new dude did ok tonight. Is it just me or did he have a tick that caused him to keep playing with his hair?? Focus on the batters young man, not your hair.

    Reality Speaking says:

    I love the recent hype. Now, let’s not lose our heads. The Pirates are 4 back of a wildcard berth with 5 teams ahead of them. I’m all for optimism, unlike Pessimistic Ollie, however don’t bet the house. Keep in mind that we still have Clint, the over-manager running the ship with E-Rod in the starting line up or ready to come off the bench and ruin things. Both are big Hurdles to overcome.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Hilarious ending to the game. E-Rod comes up with two outs in the 9th and pops up to end the game. Meanwhile Friese is on the bench watching and available. Way to go Clint.

    PS. I’m OK.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    It was fun while it lasted. A week or so of hope and then back to reality.

    Let’s go Steelers!

    The Don says:

    E-Rod on DL due to an injury?

    LMAO. “Fake News”

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    (I saw this on Facebook today) The Pirates have Taillon, Nova, Williams, Musgrove and the recently added Archer in the starting rotation. In the midst of a desperate wild card race Hurdle is dipping into the minors and starting Clay Holmes because “the starting rotation needs a break.”. Give Me a break! These pitchers pitch every five or six days since there’s about a day off per week and only pitch on average five innings or so. Oh….and they are all pretty much 20 something. Do they really need that much rest? Mind you, there is another off-day this coming Monday for the entire team.
    Maybe Holmes will do ok….but its still wrong-headed of Hurdle

    Stat Brat says:

    By my count, this is at least the 10th loss on hurdles decisions. If if we could swap 10 losses for 10 wins, guess who would be well in the thick of the playoff race?

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