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26-17 to Start the Season, Now 10-23 Since! Bum and Dumb are two-man mystery.


Am I on Candid Camera?  Is all of Pirate Nation getting “punked” by the Pirates skipper?  How in the world can Clint keep starting this Sean “Where’s Waldo” Rodriguez??  He even had a Bobblehead Day for him yesterday?  Rodriguez hasn’t had a hit since the Obama Administration and had a sub- .150 batting average.  He’s played in a whopping 52 games this year and has just 17 total hits.   He makes 6 million/year.  (That’s $ 352,941 dollars PER HIT   )  He has struck out 44 times….  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  There is A LOT I shake my head at about this team and the obvious lack of ownership caring one way or the other about winning, but Hurdle’s decisions from lineups to pitching changes to his incessant love of loser players has me torn between laughing and crying.

Does he have something on Clint?

Did Rodriguez save Clint’s life or something in the past?

Is Rodriguez splitting his salary with Clint?

Let me know what YOU think is the reason for this perverted over-playing of the worst hitter in Pirates history.


19 thoughts on “26-17 to Start the Season, Now 10-23 Since! Bum and Dumb are two-man mystery.”

    Millvale Mark says:

    My guess is that S-Rod saved Clint when he choked on bubble gum. Clint feels indebted. Remember last year when Clint kept pitching that 42 year old reliever Benoit, who got bombed in every game. That was a mystery too. I think that guy was buying nachos and stuff at the concession stand for Clint between innings

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I feel bad that the dude had a bad car accident and a bad injury.

    Atlanta knew that his physical skills were now gone since the accident.

    What better patsy than the Pirates. The fans although dumb, like him. I get it.

    Unfortunately management and ownership tried to do a nice thing instead of making their normal cost cutting, short-term Business decision.

    Oh well. You have to expect this. Attendance is telling the truth story.

    Stush from Polish Hill says:

    Hey, even if Rodriguez heimliched Hurdle to dislodge some Bazooka gum, he oughtta just send him some Omaha Steaks and be done with it! Enough is enough!

    Box Seat Sal says:

    I think that there’s more to it that just “owing” Rodriguez something. I think it is some sort of psychological phenomenon. Some sort of illogical affinity or soft spot for under-achievers. Remember the overuse of perennial losers Chris Stewart, John Jaso and Moroff last year.

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    Oh, you naive common folk. Can’t you see the forest through the trees? This is an edict from Nutting and Huntington to play a weaker line up as often as possible. Why you blindly ask. Ownership WANTS to be able to justify selling off players at the trade deadline. What better way to justify that but to be 15 games under .500?

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Bullshit Bronson. It’s all astrological. You see, Hurdle is a Leo and Rodriguez is a Taurus. There’s a natural sun sign bond between these two that make them simpatico toward each other.

    Boneman says:

    So Where’s Waldo Rodriguez is a Taurus huh? He should be working at Walmart and driving a 10 year old Taurus!

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    You kiddin’ me? Serpico is the Man! Just give him some time and that average will be up to .220 by the All-Star break.

    Pessimisic Ollie (bi-polar so aka Optimistic Ollie) says:

    3 letters for Sean Bobblehead/Where’s Waldo Rodriguez: DFA. Designated for assignment.

    I’m over it. I feel sorry for him, but the only thing he has hit well in the last two years is that gatorade water cooler.

    Einstein says:

    Polonco is no day at the beach either in this lineup. Lazy, lazy, lazy. He’s slower getting out of the box than a hibernating bear coming out of the winter sleep.

    You’re Welcome!

    Loose Joe says:

    People always say that Rodriguez can play any position. Let me add that he’s not too comfortable playing in that rectangular box alongside home plate.

    Box Seat Sal says:

    Overheard the Diamondbacks dugout when they saw the Bucco lineup today.

    Truth Hurts says:

    What a shock! Rodriguez just struck out in his first at bat today. I know it sounds strange, but this team fell apart right when Rivero changed his name to Vazquez. (Rodriguez made out when that happened though as he got all of Rivero’s monogrammed towels)

    Mark saville says:

    I long for the days of Roberto and Willie. Will it ever happen again?

    McGillicuddy says:

    I’m with you Saville! At least in those days we knew everygame that Clemente was hitting 3rd in the line up and willie was clean up at 4th. These days…its like spinning a wheel or juggling helmets for Hurdle when he puts a line up together.

    Allie says:

    Hell, Al Oliver could still out hit Rodriguez.

    I think that if the visiting catcher flicked his bobble head in the batters box, the bobble head had a shot to bat .040 in June. Just sayin.

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    I’m in agreement with Truth Hurts. The name change of Rivero to Vazquez was the turning point. As a previous column noted, the name change worked out for Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)….but the change has been a bust for Rivero/Vazquez.

    Stat Brat says:

    Fact: Sean “Where’s Waldo” Rodriguez has the LOWEST batting average of EVERYONE in all of major league baseball for someone with as many plate appearances as him.

    145 baby! Mendoza is starting to feel like Ty Cobb!

    Captain Crunch says:

    Heard today that S-Rod has ONE hit since May 29th. ONE!! I’m embarrassed for him.

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