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Enough of this sub-par lineup. Put Hurdle through Situational Leadership Course !

What the hell is going on?  The Bucs have sunk from 9 games over .500 to just 1 game over now at 30-29.  That is 5 series LOST in a row.  Where is the blame?  That delusional gum-chewer sitting on the bench with the title of Manager.  Where do we begin the discussion of the illogical managerial decisions?  Here are a few:

  • Let Austin Meadows play!  He’s hitting .392 and can play any outfield position.  Why he got two games off in a row is beyond me.  It took him winning Rookie of the Month for Clint to put him back in the lineup.
  • Today’s game was void of Dickerson (.313), Moran (.277), Harrison ( .269 ) and a hot Mercer.   Who WAS i the lineup?  Polonco (.212) Freese (.244) and Clint’s man-crush Where’s Waldo Rodriguez (.167).  I will NEVER understand this love affair for Rodriguez.  He is a 6 million dollar waste at the plate….and now that he has had two costly errors two days in a row….where is he really helping defensively.
  • On the pitching front, why can a guy like Glasnow pitch a 1-2-3 7th inning and get pulled?  Why does a guy like Crick pitch a 1-2-3 8th and get pulled?  Only one reason.  Hurdle puts players BEFORE team, and if there is ANY possibility to get Vazquez a save, he will do it.  You saw the result of that a couple days ago.  TEAM FIRST CLINT.  WINNING is the #1 priority!

True, the team is not well funded and has bad ownership, but even if we had more stars, Hurdle would find room for his “pets” on the team and still juggle this lineup like a circus clown.



10 thoughts on “Enough of this sub-par lineup. Put Hurdle through Situational Leadership Course !”

    Einstein says:

    On point observation of crazed Clint. As it says in the Bible in Proverbs: “Like a dog that returns to its vomit, a fool does the same foolish things again and again.”

    Clint will keep it up as he has in over a dozen years of losing baseball.

    You’re Welcome!

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    Vazquez needs to go back to the name Rivero. He SUCKS as Vazquez! While the name change worked for Lew Alcindor going with Kareem Abdul Jabbar and also worked with Cassius Clay becoming Muhammad Ali…in ain’t workin’ for Vazquez!

    McGillicuddy says:

    They thought Trump had alzheimers. Maybe someone else does?

    Scratch says:

    All these “days off” for our BEST players today and yet the Pirates have an off day tomorrow. Makes no sense.

    Baseball Historian says:

    Mario Mendoza is petitioning MLB to have the “Mendoza Line” (under .200 batting average) RE-Named the “Where’s Waldo Rodriguez Line”

    Stat Brat says:

    Vegas odds back in March had the over-under for Pirates wins at 74. Looks like they’ll be right again. Not that is matters, but there was a secondary line for over-under IF there was a managerial change. They had that at 85.5

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I told you to bet the under on the futures line. I knew that the good old Pirates would return. LMAO. Nice job Clint.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Old (Real) Bucs are back. 4-12 last 16 games.

    Walter Panik says:

    Chant with me for Rodrigez.

    DFA, DFA, DFA…

    Ethel from Fredricksburg says:

    I hear that on the upcoming weekday “Business Man’s” special day, if you get there early, you can try out as a set up man. I’m going to give it a shot.

    I’m thinking that I’ll change my name to Rivero to confuse our over-manager.

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