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Mediocrity at its finest…

Hurdle can’t help himself…Only Divine Intervention will keep Bucs on top!

It’s been 45 games now, and the battling Bucs still sit in the thick of things in the NL Central.  There have been some positive surprises so far, including Dickerson and Moran kick-starting this offense.  On the pitching side, strong relief from Rick Rodriguez (1.62 ERA), Kyle Crick (2.19 ERA) and Michael Feliz (2.84 ERA) have helped to get the Bucs late in games for Rivero-Vazquez to save.  We have these decent relievers yet Kontos (4.82)  and Glasnow (5.96) still get called on night after nights.

On the downside, there is still TOO MUCH LOVE for Where’s Waldo Sean Rodriguez making his way via Clint’s wayward pen into the starting lineup night after night.  OK, he has doubled a couple nights in a row, but how many years can this team tolerate his sub-200 batting average?  (He’s at .190 now)  To make matters worse, he LEADS OFF a lot!  Isn’t the idea of a lead off hitter to have a guy in that slot that gets on base a lot?  If you have to play him Clint, HIT HIM EIGHTH!  And to have played in 33 of 45 games to this point is ridiculous.  I know, I know, he can play every position in the field…and in an emergency could even be behind the plate as catcher.  “Behind the plate” yes…but he so struggles ALONGSIDE the plate when its time to bat!

Moroff in 16 games is also too much.  He’s hitting .216

If Hurdle could only use logic when making the starting line up and his relief choices the Bucs would have a chance.  But when you look at line ups that include things like Cervelli leading off a few games ago and this continual love for sub-Mendoza hitters, confidence in the continued success does not run through my veins.

7 thoughts on “Hurdle can’t help himself…Only Divine Intervention will keep Bucs on top!”

    Boneman says:

    And you gotta love this Nick Kingham too. He’s given the team 3 decent starts. I’m sure he’ll be sent down again soon so Hurdle can get his boy Moroff back up! Crazy. Send Glasnow down!

    Stat Brat says:

    Where’s Waldo Sean Rodriguez has 15 hits so far this year. 28% of the season is over. Statistically, this means he will end the season with about 52 hits….Aaaaand….that equates to the Pirates paying him $ 115, 384 PER HIT. Bad math. Only the pitchers have a lower batting average on the team. NO POSITION PLAYER HITS WORSE!!!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Bout time you guys post something. when will Polonco learn to play the outfield?

    metalivan says:

    Last night during the 8th inning down 2 runs with 2 runners on base and here comes Waldo!!!! Guess what happened. [We didn’t win the game]

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I’ve got no faith in Clint and this up and down see-saw of players back and forth to and from AAA.

    This crap was only a matter of time.

    Unfortunately, we do better when guys are hurt so our micromanager, doesn’t have to make decisions.

    Manny from Munhall says:

    That Gabby Barrett got screwed on American Idol.

    Paulie from Brentwood says:

    Enough of Polanco! Send his lazy ass to the minors or DFA him. Hurting the team way too much.

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