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Mediocrity at its finest…

We can’t change the site name…but SO FAR the Bucs don’t suck!

Nick Kingham??  A perfect game for 7 innings?  Where has he been while we’ve been goofing off with Glasnow and Brault?  A part of me wishes that he would have gone through the 8th with the perfect game just to see Hurdle pull him IF it was a “save” opportunity for Rivero/Vazquez.  But the lead was too large for a save and of course the one hit happened.

The votes have been coming in for the new 2018 Three Stooges and so far Rodriguez  (Where’s Waldo Rodriguez) leads the pack.  He is hitting .167, which is essentially par for the course of his career.  I will admit that I DO see the reason to put him in late today for defensive purposes given the lead….but I still can’t understand Hurdle’s attraction to starting him as often as he does.  He just offers little offense.

This Dickerson is still killing it through the first month.  With Rodriguez, Freese and eventually Harrison to additionally play 3rd base, what is with the talk of Jung Ho Kang coming back to the team?  The hell with Mr. DUI at this point I say.

Lastly, I listened to the Neal Huntington show today pre-game.  He was “calling in from his home in Columbus Ohio.  Columbus Ohio???  What’s with ownership (Nutting-West Virginia) and management living out of city let alone out of state.  Want to own and run the PITTSBURGH Pirates?  How about living here!  Want to live in Columbus Ohio?  then maybe you should GM the Columbus hockey team.

3 thoughts on “We can’t change the site name…but SO FAR the Bucs don’t suck!”

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    I’ve been screaming for 8 years to get Kingham up here in the bigs. He’s a clone of Seaver and Clemens to me. Told you!

    Lighthouse Lonnie from Neville Island says:

    Polonco is still a joke of an outfielder. And he might have more power this year but is hitting sub-200.

    And let’s see more from Diaz off the bench when he is not starting at catcher. The guy is hitting .500!

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Well, I’ve tried to stay impartial and enjoy the fleeting success of the Pirates so far.

    Unfortunately, Clint Hurdle will never be the guy that helps to motivate coach and inspired this team to get to the next level.

    His career winning percentage is .426. Doesn’t that say enough?

    He’s a jolly old soul but so is Santa Clause and he’s not real.

    When the Manager looks like an ad for Depends or UPMC joint surgery, it’s time to move on.

    Thank goodness that we gave him a contract extension.

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