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Nutting Reaches Under the "lock and key" Mattress. And actually spends some saved money!

But Hurdle will find a way to screw things up. AKA: E-Rod.

Will the REAL Pirates please stand up

8-2 start.  Now 10 days later at 12-9.  First place has now become 2nd place.  Crazy offense has now dried up….against the Phillies to boot!.  Starting pitching has been “ok” but relief pitching, including some imposter named Vazquez, has faultered.  What will the next week hold?  Oh, and it getting close to the time to vote on WHO exactly will be the THREE STOOGES for this year.  Last year’s Jaso and Chris Stewart are gone.  We sill have Moroff and a hot and cold Where’s Waldo Rodriguez if we want to retain them.  Kontos and Neverasskiss are vowing for spots.  Then there is that great pitcher we got for Cole from Houston, Mr. Musgrove that keeps going back on the DL.   Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Will the REAL Pirates please stand up”

    Gumby Vasquez in Hermitage says:

    Three Stooges picks: Hurdle, Nutting and Huntington

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Polonco, Marte and Hurdle. (Polonco now hitting .208) And between the 3, if you add it up, we have an “awareness” issue.

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Boxing Jimmy Says:

I’m HAPPY that Bucs have traded for Starter and Reliever, But for the Love of God…ENOUGH of Where’s Waldo Error Prone and hitless Rodriguez !!

Chris Archer from the Rays to the Bucs.  Check!  (Decent starting pitcher acquired). [...]