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Who the Hell are these guys ??

8 wins and 2 losses in the first 10 games.  The ranking of 1st in all of major league baseball in runs scored per game (6.4), batting average (.283) and on base percentage (.359).  It’s as if Kreskin has hypnotized the entire offensive team to believe they are the Yankees.

As for the pitching…well, it has been average at best.  Some quality starts, especially from Taillon, but the bullpen has helped sour the overall pitching stats with a ranking of 19th in earned run average (4.13) and a ranking of 18th in WHIP (1.33).  That spells trouble if no improvement comes but has been missed in the shuffle with the outpouring of so much offense.

As for overmanager Hurdle, he has continued to win despite himself, and has made some surprising decisions.  (Williams comes out while throwing a no-hitter).  Was shocked to see him actually give a strong Taillon a chance to throw a complete game 1 hitter a week later.  Consistent?  No.  But it has worked in the win column.

Let’s keep the wins coming as long as we can.

7 thoughts on “Who the Hell are these guys ??”

    Paulie from Brentwood says:

    All good so far, but if I had to complain it would be this bum who has been hurt since we got him. Musgrove.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Everyone is jumping on the OLLIE bandwagon now. Told you! told you! Told you! McCutchen WHO and Cole WHO. Good riddance!

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    I like the title “Who the Hell are these guys?” The one that is most baffling is this guy who looks like Felipe Rivero and seems to be pitching in Rivero’s role. His name is Vasquez or something like that. What the hell happened to Rivero?

    Einstein says:

    Rivero changed his name from Rivero to Vasquez dumb ass.

    You’re welcome.

    Cy Youngski from Polish Hill says:

    Changed his name?! WTF. Ok Ok, I’m now Cy Youngski from Polish Hill

    The Gunner says:

    It is just 10 games but I do like the lineup. Pitching is the obvious weakness and likely won’t get any better. The Pirates just need to outscore their opponents. Houston sent us a bum steer in Musgrove. He just didn’t keep himself in shape in the off-season. Huntington’s pickup of Corey Dickerson looking like genius. Spoiling the Cubs home opener? Priceless! Thought about changing my name to Trey Rivero. But the Gunner is classic.

    Gumby Vasquez in Hermitage says:

    9-3 baby! Let the good times roll.

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