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Mediocrity at its finest…

Bucs SWEEP the Tigers and begin season 3-0 ! ! !

Huh? What?  Despite the unhealthy over-managing of the Pirates by our misguided skipper, the Bucs managed to win three games straight and sit atop to division tied with Milwaukee.  OK, I know its early but hey…there have been some bright spots.  Let’s see what another week brings as we get a feel for this team’s capability.

As for Hurdle, he is back to his old tricks of sitting down Adam Frazier and his .400 average (he hit .353 in pre-season), to pay homage to his “boy” the Six Million Dollar Man Where’s Waldo Rodriguez.  He played in left field for the night game today and, true to form, went 0-4 at the plate.  I know, I know, he can play all defensive positions well (hence that moniker Where’s Waldo Rodriguez), but he can’t play that one KEY spot of standing in the batter’s box and swinging the bat.

Also in the night-cap, with a 4 run lead in the ninth inning, there was no need to use Rivero as he would not get a save bringing him in with a 4 run lead.  BUT, as soon as the lead shrunk to a 3 run lead at 8-5, in comes Rivero to GET HIM THE SAVE.  Clint is all about the player and not about doing what is best FOR THE TEAM.

Stay tuned….

9 thoughts on “Bucs SWEEP the Tigers and begin season 3-0 ! ! !”

    Box Seat Sal says:

    The Gunner was right! Get out the green weenies!

    Boneman says:

    Pitching will be the big weakness this year. Oh, and managing. He is the God awful worst manager in baseball. Must have something on Nutting.

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    I did notice that our “regulars” are hitting well in the first three games, BUT these two bums we acquired (Moran and Dicherson) are sucking big time so far. I’d rather see Freese and Frazier in the line up at 3rd and LF than these weak hitters.

    Luigi from Harmony Township says:

    I noticed that Gerrit Cole threw a shutout today. Just sayin’ Nutting. He looks good in a Houston uniform and they have great barbeque in Texas. Speaking of good eats, ODBQ barbeque in the best in the state! A little hole in the wall on the Ambridge-Harmony township border but killer beef brisket!!

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    And now they have run the streak to FOUR games!

    Told you non-believers!

    The Gunner says:

    Colin Moran’s Grand Slam sure looked impressive. And BOOM goes the dynamite! Waiting for Corey Dickerson to catch fire (and the Penguins Brassard); but would still like to see Frazier in the lineup. Love Boxing’s analysis of Where’s Waldo! Classic.

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar, AKA Optimistic Ollie) says:

    Back to a bit of reality. 4-1 now. What a lousy bullpen. And the leading hitter of the team rides the bench. (Frazier)

    Your boy Sean/Serpico/Where’s Waldo Rodriguez played shortstop today. He is hitting a 2-season high of .222. Wonder if he ate Easter dinner at the Hurdle house.??

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    5-1. Imagine IF Frazier was in the lineup!

    Paulie from Brentwood says:

    Where they gettin’ all this offense from? Is Detroit and Cinci pitching just really that bad? I heard that that Corey Dickerson guy lives in Brentwood though I have not seen him. Evidently he asked some teammates the best places to live around the city and they messed with him and told him Brentwood or Wilkinsburg.

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