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Uh Oh! Is Spring Training a sign of what’s to come ??

Is the ship sinking from the start?  I know it’s only spring training.  I know the games don’t count.  But with one week remaining until the start of the regular season, do we have to have the 2nd worst spring training record in the league?  Yes, the Bucs are 9-16 with a week to go.  Doesn’t reflect anything you say?  Why are the defending World Champion Astros 17-7?  Why are the off-season dealing Brewers 17-7?  Why are the Cubs 16-10?  Yanks 14-11.  Boston 17-8.  Get the picture.  Good teams perform well even in spring training.

One more item to notice.  Good managers decide late in spring training season WHO their Opening Day starter will be.  Good managers base it on spring training performance, readiness, who provides the best chance of winning on Opening Day.  NOT the Pirates skipper.  He decided three weeks ago that Ivan Nova would start because “he’s never had the chance to be the Opening Day starter.”  Taillon gets to be the Home Opener starter as his reward…but the home opener is the 4th game of the season.  No logic, because Hurdle cares more about individuals than he cares about the team.  THAT produces some happy players…but a losing team.  Can’t believe we’re stuck with him another 4 years.

5 thoughts on “Uh Oh! Is Spring Training a sign of what’s to come ??”

    Stat Brat says:

    Good point about the winning a losing Grapefruit League records. I notice that the Reds and Phillies have lousy records too. (Not as bad as the Bucs but close). Who thinks the Reds or Phillies are going anywhere. The cream of the crop rises and the lousy teams sink.

    Pops McCoy says:

    Can’t stand Hurdle’s appeasement of players (Like Where’s Waldo Rodriguez and Max Moroff last year). Also keep in mind that when the Tigers are using their 2nd best pitcher in game #2, the Bucs have to go with their 4th or 5th. He’s a moron.

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    I’m with you Pops. While Rodriguez and Moroff played, Adam Frazier sat the bench to rest his “best average on the team” 25 year old body. Crazy

    Gunner says:

    Buccos are on a 2-game win streak and have scored more runs in the Grapefruit League than every team except Baltimore and Boston (and they are tied with the World Series Champion Houston Astros with 157 runs scored). The Lumber Company is back, boys! Get out the Green Weenies and root, root, root for the Pirates!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    True Gunner…but then they lost the last two and tied one game. Still the SECOND WORST record in the Grapefruit League. You get your green weenie out and ready for Opening Day and onward beginning this Thursday. I’ll get my vodka ready!

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