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It's Spring and with that comes pessimism!

Are you ready to be disappointed, again?

Pitchers and Catchers reported? Oh, I’m so excited.

I remember when this phrase used to signify the beginning of spring and an end to the gloom and doom of a Pittsburgh winter. Now, it just means a lot more of the same losing tradition with no end in site. The “pretty ballpark” is going to be empty this year.

It looks like Vegas has set the total at 76.5 wins. I’m going UNDER.

Bet on this too: 32,000 or so on opening day. Less than 3,200 the next day. (Unless we are giving away some bullshit promotional item)

14 thoughts on “Pitchers and Catchers reported? Oh, I’m so excited.”

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I missed ya Tom. I heard that you were spending some quality time in Vegas. Good to see that your bets make sense.

    I agree. It’s a sad state of affairs. I think that this is the year that the fans strike back with complaining, not buying tickets and maybe even some peaceful protests. We shall see.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    And as Billy Preston would sing, “Nothing from Nutting leaves Nothing.”

    Sammy J says:


    Bunch of horseshit that Nutting is shoveling.

    I used to feel a little bad for Huntington.

    No I see that he is really just a lapdog lying through his teeth to try to save face. The man is basically in it for just a paycheck. He could have went elsewhere for the same if not more salary and saved his dignity. Instead he chose to ruin all credibility that he once had and lie for Bob Nutting.

    Laughing Larry Kang says:

    My uncle says he still might come back to Pittsburgh. Even the family thinks he’s unrealistic.

    Peter C says:

    I’d say the odds of that are about 25 or 6/4

    LuLu from Donora says:

    I’m a Chicago listener too. How about “Baby what a big surprise” when attendance goes again?

    Numbers don’t lie:

    30,847 average per game in 2015
    27,768 average per game in 2016
    24,241 average per game in 2017

    I’m no math major but it ain’t good.

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar, AKA Optimistic Ollie) says:

    No one can say it as well as Billy Preston did 44 years ago. We get NOTHING from Bob Nutting and that’s why the team is NOTHING !

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Jameson Taillon…Cy Young. You heard it here first!

    NoBucksToNutJob says:

    Jameson Tailon…Cy Young?
    In your dreams.
    Here’s the type of year Jameson would need to expect, playing on a jaundiced team thanks to Nutjob.

    Newspaper John says:

    My Yankees look good. They know how to spend money. They may not win the series often enough but they sure try b

    Einstein says:

    Yanks are winning me over watching YES network in the off-season. I may root that direction this year to see what it feels like to have a team to back that looks professional.

    Nutting “yanks” us along….so let’s back the Yanks!

    Your Welcome,


    Rico Sanchez says:

    Gotta love a team that has a GM named CASHMAN! He’s the cash man!

    Lenny says:

    If Jameson Taillon wins the Cy Young this year, that means Cyonara next year. Nothing will tell Huntingdon to trade him for some more Washington Wild Thing prospects.

    Ingrid from Vandergrift says:

    How many left fielders can we sign? We got some guy that we already let go. He went to KC. Don’t remember his name but I’m sure that we will see him at the All-Star Game.

    I’m already mad and the season didn’t even start. Shove that bobble head.

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