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Huntington Rips out Bucs Heart and Soul:…Dumps Salary, Cutch and Cole

Saturday brought the news of Gerrit Cole being traded to the Astros.  The Pirates in return received 4 players.  Their first names in no particular order are: Jason, Michael, Colin, and Joe.   Their last names in no particular order are Musgrove, Feliz, Martin, and Moran.

IF you can match up all 4 first and last names properly without looking at any source within 4 minutes, you might win a free ice scraper from channel 4 news.  

Obviously if you can name them properly, you are the guru of gurus of minor league prospects.  Bottom line:  Bucs got nothing of value for their immediate team…and pipe dreams of “maybe one of them will really pan out.”

Monday brought the news of Andrew McCutchen going to the Giants.  Rumor is that the Bucs received pitcher Kyle Crick for him.  Crick pitched about 32 innings last year, had a 0-0 record, struck out 28 and walked 17.  Koufax in the making????…doubt it.

Late Monday more rumors swirled that the Brewers were looking seriously at Josh Harrison.  Wouldn’t surprise me to be reporting his departure soon.  (But as long as we have Waldo Rodriguez, Jordan Luplow and Max Moroff all will turn out well##??!!)

Same old story

13 thoughts on “Huntington Rips out Bucs Heart and Soul:…Dumps Salary, Cutch and Cole”

    TexMex says:

    HA HA HA!. We robbed your team of your best pitcher and got rid of several guys that are career minor league players. Astros REPEAT!

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    Nutting covets currency and loathes success. Huntington is merely a puppet doing his bidding on the trade scene and trying to convince fans it is for the overall good of the franchise.


    Laughing Larry says:

    You gotta laugh at how they’ll “spin” these moves.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    I hear this Crick is LIGHTS OUT! Also heard that Musgrove was World Series MVP and they would have lost without him. Maybe he’ll bring the Bucs the trophy!

    Go Bucs!

    Einstein says:

    Crick and Musgrove will be of little relevance. Trust me, as I am the foremost authority on theories of relativity.

    Palmerino from the old country says:

    Issa shame I tell you. Whadda we gonna do a now.

    Dissa shame. I no wanna go to no a more ball games.

    I also gonna shud offa my am radio.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Well the Steelers let me down with poor coaching and arrogance. The Pirates do what they normally do which is to alienate the fans. Only Mario has the class and pride to keep trying to bring the City a winner.

    Maybe the parrot will get busted for drugs again.

    This will be the lowest attendance year since the days of 3 Rivers.

    paulie from brentwood says:

    The only reason left to go to PNC is for the nachos. Oh, and we DO have Hurdle locked in for the next four years so that will be a bit entertaining watching his goofing with the line up.

    Frankie K. says:

    I think Rivero is going next, as he was signed to a big contract today and that will be the trigger for other teams to know what it will take to buy out the contract. This is how it happened for Cole too

    J.A. Punxsutawney says:

    This franchise will never win a championship. Successful players will never remain a Pirate. Don’t go to PNC Park. Go to Altoona for a positive baseball experience that is family affordable.

    Palmerino from the Old Country says:
      I stilla dough no whatta to think of dissa mess. Issa bigga shame.

      Dissa Nut guy gotta go. We noah longer canna putt uppa with deesa bulla sheet.

      I a done. Gooda bye Pittsaburg

    Tommy says:

    I challenge Neil Nothington (Huntington) to answer the same questions that he answered today hooked up to a lie detector machine.


    Rico Sanchez says:

    Think Harrison will be gone next. He WANTS out, so that will give the ownership/management perceived justification for ridding themselves of his 10 million.

    Can I hear 60-102 record??

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