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Pirates pick up McCutchen’s 2018 option…Decline options for Chris Stewart & Wade LeBlanc

Good news??  Bad news?  Same old same old news?  I guess on the positive side, the Pirates were willing to pay 14.5 million to pick up McCutchen’s option.  The lukewarm side of things is that we’re retaining a guy who is a below average center fielder who is coming off a couple of ho-hum years.  He hit well for a month and a half last year and was a disaster the majority of the season.  Good luck this year to get more out of him.

As for Stewart and LeBlanc.  No one is batting an eye.  Stewart has proven to be the worst hitting catcher in the league year in and year out.

Also heard that Jaso and Benoit are free agents.  Trust me the free agent market is not standing on its head for that news.  Benoit is ancient and gave up one run per inning in his stint with the Pirates.  Remember that the last place Phillies wanted rid of him SO badly that they paid for most of his remaining contract.  As for Jaso:  He should be renting surf boards in a California beach shop and forget baseball altogether.  Would not be surprised to see both of these guys retired come Opening Day.

Just realized that we could be losing TWO of our Three Stooges (Jaso, Stewart)  But before I get too elated with that news, remember that when Curly Joe had health problems, Moe’s real life brother filled in a Shemp to get that number back up to three.  I’m sure Huntington and Hurdle will give us a full slate also!

Stay tuned for periodic updates in the off-season.

5 thoughts on “Pirates pick up McCutchen’s 2018 option…Decline options for Chris Stewart & Wade LeBlanc”

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Gonna be a banner year for the Bucs!

    Einstein says:

    Anyone notice that Tony Watson had two World Series victories, Charlie Morton was lights out for the Astros, and even Francisco Liriano went two shutout appearances!!??

    All cast-offs from the Bucs that MADE the World Series. (And we got Joaquin Benoit on our bench!)

    You’re Welcome.

    metalivan says:

    We have our face of the franchise returning, I wonder if McCutchen was hoping that they wouldn’t pick up his option. If he could have a decent start next year it could make a difference but he has to know that this money was spent to provide the illusion of wanting a winner. If Nutting is anything he is a shrewd businessman who knows that this will help fill seats without having to fully commit to winning. The Pirates make to many obvious money dumps to not think otherwise.

    matey says:

    I’d much rather see the Steelers fall down instead.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Well, I have been waiting for some exciting offseason news.

    The only news that I have heard is that Nutting is now a regular customer at the McDonald’s restaurants in the Ohio Valley on Mondays. Funny, McDonald’s offers free coffee all day, every Monday. Does that surprise anyone?

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