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Can't we just play our BEST players every day???

Cubs vs. Dodgers & Astros vs. Yankees…If you watch any game, you’ll see why Bucs don’t belong!

The talent of these pitching staffs is phenomenal.  Verlander, Keuchel, Severino, Tanaka, Sabathia, Lester, Quintana, Kershaw, Darvish, Wood.  The list is impressive.  Even teams that fell short of the league championship series are loaded at pitching.  (Example:  Sherzer and Strasburg for Washington).

Received this picture from Tommy, and couldn’t resist putting it up as the main reason we don’t have guys like those listed above and great offensive players.  And even if we did have a few great players, Hurdle would give them a “regular day off” to screw our chances of winning.

Enjoy the October baseball.  If you live in Pittsburgh, it is likely the only good baseball you’ve seen all year.

One thought on “Cubs vs. Dodgers & Astros vs. Yankees…If you watch any game, you’ll see why Bucs don’t belong!”

    Carla Mantle says:

    I’m rooting for the Yankees! Clean cut players without beards and plenty of money to spend. It’s fun to root for a perennial winner, even though they are the underdogs vs. Houston.

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Boxing Jimmy Says:

In an already crowded 4-man outfield, Jordan Luplow gets playing time!??

This news will likely be overlooked, since the Pirates won their first series in 2 weeks, but playing time decisions are a major head-scratcher.  Hurdle, who at times looks like he throws a dart blind-folded at a roster to decide who leads off, takes his outfield shuffling to a new level. [...]