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Painful Season ends on Winning Note: But Plenty to Concern us for next year !

Bucs won their final game of the season today, despite demonstrating their school-yard ineptness with a few highlite-reel errors.  Two times I heard Bob Walk say, “And this should end the game,” only to see error after error to lengthen the ninth inning.  As for me, I am off to Pirates City for the next week for some meetings, but will be back on Friday.

Also, will likely post during the off-season every week or two, especially if something is worthy of attention.  There were a few bright spots on the year and plenty of dim bulbs.  Since this is an organization obsessed with money issues, here are a few points to ponder.

Josh Bell, Adam Frazier, Trevor Williams, Chad Kuhl, and Jameson Taillon made a combined 2.7 million this year.  That’s a lot of production for 2.7 million.

Daniel Hudson made 5.5 million all by himself this year.  Bastardo made 6.6 million on his own.  Where’s Waldo Rodriguez made 5 million.  Stooge Jaso made 4 million.  And Drew Hutchison made 2.3 million.  That’s a lot of worthlessness for 23.4 million combined.

The list could lengthen if you look closer at production.  But when I look at guys like Jaso (.211), Rodriguez (.167) and Stewart (.183) and just think of those three terrible bats that combined for over 11 million in salary, I get sick.

One last one for you.  Both Bastardo and Hudson made roughly 10 times what Felipe Rivero made this year.

Yes, the Bucs ended the season 12 games under 500 and 17 games behind the Cubs, but there is hope if we can trim the field time for worthless players and base every game on “What gives us the Best Chance to Win,” rather than “We’re paying him a lot so we better play him” or “Well so and so needs some work, so we’ll play him.”   STICK WITH WHAT PRODUCES NEXT SEASON!!  No “regular days off” for productive guys like Frazier, Harrison, Bell, etc.

More to come after my trip…….

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5 thoughts on “Painful Season ends on Winning Note: But Plenty to Concern us for next year !”

    Pops McCoy says:

    Amen Brother. It’s all about playoff baseball and college football for me for the next few months.

    StatBrat says:

    The metrics show that the Pirates would have been just 3 games under .500 if any other manager was leading the team. I have crunched this with just the other 14 national league managers and the range is from 1 game over .500 to 7 games under .500, hence the arrival at 3 games under.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Your metrics are bullshit Stat Brat. This team would have been AT WORST in 2nd place if a couple of balls had bounced our way this year. I predict that the Pirates will be the Astros or dodgers or Indians of next year and run away EASILY with this division.

    Bossa Nova says:

    Let me say this about the Pirates pitching staff this year. ALL FIVE STARTERS had an earned run average OVER 4.0. (Not good) Both Nova and Williams had a better ERA than Cole. Also, just one starter had a winning record (Taillon).

    Bottom line: Cole is a very average starter on a very average staff, but at least THREE of the starters have up-sides as rookies. (Taillon, Williams, Kuhl)

    I would trade Cole in a heartbeat for any decent offensive starter or even a new set-up man. (Or frankly, a AAA top prospect and a gift certificate to Dicks Sporting Goods)

    Tommy says:

    I’d be happy with a Frank’s Pizza with the old pepperoni.

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