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As bad as we suck…

The Steelers just took sucking to a new level. Staying in the locker room during a Dan Rooney memorial on the road, screams SUCKS! Did Nutting advise the Rooney’s on what to do? If so, it was perfect advice to alienate the fan base. Nothing is great at that.

I had a Russian named Evgeni Malkin, not a US citizen, come to my house and deliver my Pen’s season tickets. He personally thanked me for spending my money on season tickets. He even pet my cat for Christ’s sakes.

That is why the Penguins are a class act. The is not available or I’d be all over it.

Man I miss Chuck Noll and a classy team. Blier, Russel, Ham, Lambert, Greene, Blount, etc, would never had acted like this.

My PSL is online for sale. ??

31 thoughts on “As bad as we suck…”

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    This is the way it is done moronic, misguided, ungrateful Steelers! You are thumbing your nose at the freedoms others have fought for on your behalf.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Spoke to the Gunner tonight who is a true blue 3-sport Pittsburgh fan. Here is what he had to say:

    Villanueva is the only one with any courage. The rest of them are a bunch of anti-American weasels. F-them. We are done watching those pussies. We like the penguins! By the way the Penguins accepted an invitation to the White House today. And the Pirates and Cardinals all stood for the national anthem today. So, despite their other incompetence, we like the Pirates better than the Steelers at this point. At least the Pirates and the Penguins are Americans. Lastly, I was glad to see the Chicago Bears kick the Steelers ass’s. The Bears at least stood for the national anthem. The Steelers got what they deserved. Maybe they should’ve stayed in the locker room the entire time.

    McGillicuddy says:

    Tomlin just made the worst decision of his tenure. And the foolish puppets on the team who have NO IDEA what is going on in the world followed. Ben, we are truly disappointed and just when we thought you had “grown up” and become a leader and a good man, person, husband, father…you have let the city down.

    Karen says:

    Ben is a sellout and he doesn’t even know it. His IQ is now coming to the forefront and you can see the results. It ain’t pretty. He should have saved himself the embarrassment of playing a year too long and getting in over his head as a captain. This may cost him the Hall of Fame.

    Loose Joe says:

    Retire now you ingrate! I’d rather root for a true blue American who is proud than a lip-service phony whose true colors were just shown.

    Einstein says:

    Do these dumb athletes realize the trickle down affect? Less fans, less $$ per commercial time, less shared revenue, etc., etc., ……..means less money for their contracts/pay.

    Answer: No they don’t…because they are a bunch of football talented and brain challenged dumb asses.

    You’re Welcome.

    Where's Waldo Rodriguez says:

    Can I get some kudos from someone. I have a .155 batting average but I stood today.

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Penguins and Pirates forever (and college football)

    Steelers are dead to me.

    Draw the line as I have.

    Jasper from America says:

    Easy Paulie. The recent NCAA news ain’t good.

    Metal Ivan, don’t believe at all that Villanueva apologizes in his own. The tree hugging, Obama loving, Rooney rule folks forced his hand.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    I can’t believe I spent SO much money on this stupid Steelers team for 45 years. I am heart-broken and do NOT accept the ridiculous spin on the reason that Tomlin gave. If I were a veteran I would have a hard time living in this environment.

    Jasper from America says:

    F Tomlin

    Jasper from Ameri says:

    F Tomlin

    Every Man says:

    What is with all of the NON-political famous people thinking they should weigh in on natiional and political affairs?? If you are an actor (Pacino), I want to see you act. If you are a comedian (Letterman, Kimmel), I want to hear jokes. If you are a musician (Madonna), I want to hear you sing. If you are an athlete (almost entire NFL), I want to watch you play.

    What makes you think that because I like your acting, comedy, singing, or playing that I should agree with you on world views? Are you really that full of yourself?

    Pablo Jung Un says:

    If I were fortunate enough to be an athlete in Mexico (maybe I was a soccer star) and they played their national anthem, I would stand up and thank my lucky stars that they were paying me!

    …and I don’t like Mexico

    Hell, I’d sing Elton John’s “Rocket Man” in North Korea if I had to!

    Karen says:



    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Burn Terrible Towels, NOT American flags ass*****

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    You gonna take a knee when North Korea starts bombing too? Do you even know where North Korea is? Do you know what they stand for? Do you know anything that would make you take a knee for anything? Then shut the F*** up and just do your job rather than inject your mindless self into the world’s affairs.

    Cecil Fire Department says:

    I’m at a loss. I’m really sick about this. I’ve already posted my PSLs for sale. The local broker says that PSL values have gone down 18-22% since Sunday. What does that tell you?

    PS. Tomlin is not helping things. You know he wants to kneel too but is afraid to do so since the Rooney’s made him a multi-millionaire because he’s black.

    Abe Lincoln says:

    Dear Maxime Watters: Wanna buy my Steelers tickets? I know you LOVE this kneeling stuff and disrespecting America so I thought I would give you first crack at them. No pun intended by my use of the word “crack.” Maybe you and Sharpton could split the cost. Just a thought.

    Thomas Jefferson says:

    Villanueva shirt sales spike 600 % online.

    I’d give HIM the extra money.

    Kim Jung Bomb says:

    Don’t worry about your decadent sports. We are in a war with you.

    metalivan says:

    So now Villanueva feels compelled to apologize. This political correctness BS has gotten so bad that it is sickening. Then you have an NFL player practically in frickin tears because the Mean Old President called his mother a bitch. As if he personally singled her out by name. What a snowflake. The media covers this stuff as if more than half the country isn’t sick of it. Keep it up and the money will dry up and no more Multi-million dollar contracts. Then you can protest all you want.

    Billy O Toole says:

    Villenuava was coerced to say what he did. It’s the IRA calling the shots for the Rooney’s.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    On a slightly positive note, the Pirates won tonight 10-1. Williams pitched a strong 6 innings. Cutch got his first career grand slam….aaaaaaand: The Pirates clinched 4th place in the division!
    (I did say “slightly”)

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    And again the Bucs WIN tonight 5-3. Of more spectacular news, Where’s Waldo Rodriguez hit a double to bring his average up to .160. Atta Boy Waldo!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Bucs lose. Win streak over. Will be posting a post-mortem in about a week regarding the off-season and activity on this site.

    Tommy says:

    Don’t leave us Boxing! We’ve got nowhere else to go to speak the truth.

    Maybe you just check in once a week??

    Believe me, there will be some Pirates news in the offseason. Here are my predictions:

    1. McCutchen gets traded to the Yankees. The Pirates get a AA and a single A pitching “prospect,” a player to be named later and Nutting gets a gift card to TJs Sports Garden Restaurant in Wheeling where he can meet up with his friends. Oh wait, he may treat himself.

    2. Gerrit Cole is offered a 4 year deal worth 40 million. He laughs so hard that he breaks 2 ribs and has to go on the DL for 2018, his last year as a Pirate.

    3. The Pirates make a huge deal at the Winter meetings acquiring Bartolo Colon who will be turning 44 in the upcoming season and Ichiro Suzuki who will also be turning 44 this year. They will both be in the starting line up opening day.

    4. The Pirates are forced to resign Francisco Cervelli due to their media contract with Allegheny Health Network. No one read the fine print.

    5. Ticket prices go up again and beer tops the $20 mark.

    ******Spring training is only 152 days away******

    Gunner says:

    Nothing lasts forever. Not the Pirates short-lived win streak. Not the Pittsburgh Kneelers patriotism. Not the belief in absolute truth. Not even Boxing Jimmy’s website. Say it ain’t so, Joe! ?

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Bucs lose 6-1 tonight. Crybaby Cole took the loss. He finishes the season 12-12 with a 4.26 earned run average. NO Ace has those numbers. He is average and “serviceable” as a #3 starter, but not an ace.

    Boxing Jimmy will post about once every week or two in the off-season.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    And pitcher Gerrit Cole finishes the year with a .164 batting average. Where’s Waldo Rodriguez stands at .160 with two games left. Waldo was Ofer tonight BUT was hit by a pitch so he got to get to first base. His BODY can hit the ball, but the BAT hitting the ball is a major problem.

    Gunner says:

    S-Rod and Mad Max come through in Ninth Inning win vs. the Nats! Taillon continues to show major testicular fortitude. Wave the Green Weenie. We had ‘em All the Way!

    Break up the Bucs! They look to be major contenders in 2018!

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