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Mediocrity at its finest…

Pittsburgh Fans are the Best!…And all three Sports Franchises Have Sellouts

Been to a Steelers game lately?  They are a well run organization that prides itself on competing for the Championship every year.  That is why you will almost always see Sellouts.  Been to a Penguins game lately?  They are a well run organization that prides itself on competing for the Cup every year.  That is why you will almost always see Sellouts.  And the Pirates also have a “certain kind” of Sellout:

Owner Bob Nutting is our Sellout.  He has sold out the fans that crave and deserve a competitive team.  He grew up in Wheeling but he never contributes any Wheeling and Dealing that helps this team.  The “wheeling” mentality he has down…it’s the “dealing” that he has trouble with.  There are good deals in life and bad ones, and he is the King of Bad and King of Non-Deals if it costs him any profit.

The Pirates are quickly spiraling toward last place in the division.  Which teams are beating the Bucs?  Teams that have Neil Walker, Juan Nicasio, and scores of others that he gave away for no return.

You get what you pay for.  And he refuses to pay for anything.

There is one good thing happening though at the bottom of the division.  The Reds, competing to the end, are optimistic of passing the Bucs in the standings.  They are still playing for something.

23 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Fans are the Best!…And all three Sports Franchises Have Sellouts”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Cheap selfish owners also spend less on Presidents, GMs and Managers. That’s why the three at those positions are in the “inept” category.

    Nuttings beget ——-> Coonellys
    Coonellys beget——-> Huntingtons
    Huntingtons beget———–> Hurdles
    Hurdles beget —————-> Playing time for Jaso, Rodriguez, Stewart, and the rest of the minor league team.


    McGillicuddy says:

    I think BAD DEALING and decision making happens on every one of those levels. Nutting is paying Rodriguez 6 million next year. He can’t hit .180 and will be the 4th highest paid player on the team??

    Huntington is less definitive than Gomer Pyle in his decisions. You ever hear him on his weekly show??

    As for Hurdle: He makes the daily line up a joke of a bad video game. Get this guy a Rubic’s Cube or something to fidget with.

    Loose Joe says:

    Let’s not forget all the “regular days off” for our athletes to chill out

    Furious Freddy says:

    Are the Pirates still playing? Wow, I totally forgot about that. When fans like me don’t care anymore, you have a much bigger problem than fourth place. It’s called apathy. I can’t wait to see what the brain trust has in store for us next year with ticket prices. I hope that they raise them again and blame it on the attendance decline. It will just be so typical of the Bob Nothing franchise to blame it on the fans. If I looked at the numbers correctly, the attendance decline will total about 25% in the last 2 years.

    If the Pirates were still playing in Three Rivers, they would be drawing about 3,000 fans per game. The only draw is PNC Park. (Why does PNC waste their money?) If the product on the field was even decent, not great, just decent, attendance would not be an issue. Oh well, that’s the way that society is now, you have to blame someone for your own mistakes and misgivings so why not blame the fans. Cut some more payroll Nothing so that you can have some more money for your Range Rover. Don’t forget to stiff the waitresses at Figaretti’s Restaurant as you so often do.

    Tommy says:

    Well stated Freddy and Boxing, you guys seem to understand the root of the problem.

    Trying to stay positive for a minute, unlike Pessimistic Ollie, what you need to do as a Pirates fan is to just go to the game for a night out. Don’t even think about the fact that you are going to a MLB game because frankly, you are not. Think of it as a minor league game, which it is, and that you can people watch and kill 3 hours of your pathetic lives, whoops, sorry about that.

    Here are some fun things to do at the game:

    Walk by the “All you can eat” section. You will feel good about yourself again and realize that your life is not so bad. A bleacher seat could save you money on your psychiatrist bill.

    See how much money you can spend on a sandwich and a drink. I think that if you get the fancy drink and a sandwich, you can get the total up to over $30. Try it.

    While discussing food, go out to Manny Sanguillen’s BBQ and ask anyone under 40 if they know who Manny Sanguillen is. If someone guesses it, ask what position he played.

    See if you can find a condiment bar that does not have mustard or onions spilled on it.

    Try to find the Gyro stand. It is worth it, truly, although the Gyros have gotten smaller.

    Ask the elevator operator how their day is going. They are always miserable, so again, you will feel good.

    Go to the souvenir stores and see if you can find a hat for under $25 or a baseball for under $15.

    Stay in your seat during a rain delay and watch the Clemente video for the 87th time.

    Count how many people it takes to rake dirt in the 5th inning at $26 per hour per person.

    Ask any older usher if they met Willie Stargell. (Give yourself 20 minutes for a made up story)

    Do a scavenger hunt looking for a smile on any concession worker with an Aramark nametag.

    While in the corridor, as any person between the age of 18-25 the score of the game. My studies show that 83% of them will have no idea. 91% will not know who the Pirates are playing.

    Go to the restroom and track how many people do not wash their hands. If you are feeling brave, tell the ones that won’t beat you up, that they forgot to wash their hands. This works especially well with a parent who has a child with them.

    OK, that’s all for now. That should occupy 3 hours. Enjoy.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Yes, the Pirates lost again today 2-1 to the Reds. They only have one win in the last ten games. But if you watched that 1 game they won out of the last 10, they did really, really good.

    Zuki says:

    I’m almost embarrassed FOR the Skipper how he puts Jaso in late game to pinch hit, evidently thinking that Jaso will bring us back. One word: .214

    Zuki says:

    But at least Jaso hits 40 points higher than the pathetic Where’s Waldo Rodriguez

    William Watchman says:

    i love Baseball. i love it when players & coaches play it the way it is intended to be played.
    MLB needs to be confronted about an incompetent passionless Franchisee who is mucking up it’s product.
    Bob Nutting & Pirate Fans is reminicient of Lucy pulling the football away everytime Charlie tries to kick a field goal. He can’t be trusted.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Cole INSISTS on having Stewart catch him each time, which results in an even weaker line up than it normally is. But I will say this for losing pitcher Cole, he at least has a HIGHER batting average than Where’s Waldo Rodriguez. Cole: .173 Waldo: .167

    Einstein says:

    Off-Season Want Ads: “Anyone in the off-season want a versatile .167 hitter for the 6 million we owe him? He can play any position except the one where he holds a bat in the batter’s box.”

    You’re Welcome.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Bucs lose the opening game of the series with the Brewers 3-0. This is the 11th loss in the past 12 games and 6th loss is a row.

    Where’s Waldo Rodriguez went his usual 0-fer. 0 for 3 tonight with 2 strikeouts. He is now hitting .162. For tonight’s comparison, pitcher Jamison Taillon has a .171 batting average.


    Gunner says:

    Went to tonight’s game on a free ticket with some friends. I have never seen the Pirates look so flat and listless. There is absolutely no energy in the stadium. No excitement. Even when Diaz and Polanco run into outs on bonehead base running the fans showed little reaction. We just expect this sort of mediocrity on parade as the new normal for this pathetic excuse of a team. Since August 12, the Pirates have lost 25 of their 35 last games. Thank of that for a moment. The Cleaveland Indians just put together a 22 game winning streak. The Pirates have now lost Nine in a row. 11 of their last 12. At the bottom of the league in virtually every offense of metric. This is not a temporary slump. It wasn’t just a bad road trip or a lousy homestand. This is endemic. The team is in full scale collapse. And 2018 isn’t looking any rosier.

    StatBrat says:

    7 in a row lost. 12 losses of past 13 games.

    Gunner says:

    Another wasted quality pitching performance. No offense. Just impotence, ineptitude and choking. Please, someone call Dr. Heimlich – the Bucs are choking on their own vomit.

    But …We have a new all-time record for home runs in one season. Alex Gordon just belted the 5,694th home run of 2017 off Ryan Tepera, breaking the previous record set in 2000. And with more than a week left in the season, the total should eventually end up at over 6,100 home runs. New MLB slogan: Home runs for everyone! Well, except, you know, the Pirates. The whole team has hit only 143 HR this year – which is 29th out of 30 MLB ball clubs and – just 4 short of the number of HR by JUST the TOP THREE MLB players have hit so far this year (Gianncarlo Stanton – 55; Aaron Judge – 44; JD Martinez – 40).

    I listened to the noon broadcast of a telephone conference between COONelly, NH, Bubble Gum, and the Pirates STH today. What a load of hogwash they spewed. Fronting for Bottom-line Bob, they came off looking like cheap, pathetic apologists who don’t even believe their own lies. My question for these three stooges would have been: HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?

    Einstein says:

    I have poured over offensive and defensive statistics, metrics, trends, and tendencies over the past two days comparing two Pirates players, Josh Harrison and Sean Rodriguez. The are obviously similarities in that they can both play a multitude of defensive positions. The bottom line my calculations have proven is that: (Drum Roll Please):

    Harrison is identical to Rodriguez IF you add 120 points to Rodriguez’s batting average.

    You’re Welcome for my insight.

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Why are Pirates fans so surprised with their owner? Keep in mind that the first three letters of his last name are N-U-T.

    “Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don’t.”

    We all DON’T at this point.

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Is Benoit in the witness protection program or something? He has been missing in action since his three failing appearances.

    Velvet Fog says:

    Tyler Glass (half-empty) now

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Pinch-hitter Where’s Waldo Rodriguez just struck out on three pitches. .161 now. Both Glasnow and Brault are another two pitchers that have higher batting averages than Waldo.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Good point Dino. As a matter of fact 6 Pirates pitches have higher batting averages than Rodriguez. Cole, Taillon, LeBlanc, Glasnow, Marinez and Brault.

    Gunner says:

    Up and Adam (Frazier) walk off homer! Bucs on a one game win streak! Best part: they screwed with the Brew Crew’s waning playoff hopes! Schadenfreud is great, isn’t it?

    McGillicuddy says:

    Bucs win in 9th. Losing Streak is over. Another one will probably start on Friday.

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