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There are TWO Races in the National League Central:…For First and for WORST

If the Pirates continue to trot out line ups like that of tonight, don’t be surprised to see them falling even deeper in the standings with just 16 games to go.  We all know the usual suspects of the National League Central Division.  We have the Cardinals and Brewers winning again tonight and trying to chase down the Cubs, who are at the TOP and out in FRONT!

The Pirates on the other hand find themselves 11 games back and a whole lot closer to being overtaken by the Reds. With 3 games coming up this weekend in Cincinnati against the Reds, you could find your Bucs bringing up the REAR and in the BOTTOM of the division.

But here is what is confusing to me.  If Hurdle is trying to win these last games, then why is Frazier (Highest average on the team at .285) given the day off for rest today?  Why is Bell, the contender for Rookie of the year given the day off?  I don’t want to hear the right-lefty excuse as Bell is a switch-hitter and Frazier hits lefties better than righties.  AND, they knew the Brewers lefty starter would just go three innings or so.

If it is a move to youth, then these two guys HAVE to be in the line up.  If it is not a move to youth and winning is of paramount importance, then WHY Waldo Rodriguez (.173) and Chris Stewart (.188) in the line up?  Something just doesn’t add up.  And yes, Jaso got his at bat in the game also.  I could do without ever seeing any of these three the rest of the year and the rest of my life.  (Waldo, Jaso, Stewart)

Your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “There are TWO Races in the National League Central:…For First and for WORST”

    Pops McCoy says:

    My thoughts?? Who can think after those pics?

    McGillicuddy says:

    I hope Zeise hits them hard on his show tonight. He talked all football last night and someone has to say what most of us are thinking. Hurdle wants it both ways. Play his failing oldsters, and make sure all are content. 4 more years of this? If this were a home game I would be pissed as a fan. Where is the potential Rookie of the Year tonight since I paid for this ticket? Where is Frazier who is hotter than any major leaguer since the All Star Break? 25 year olds and the FUTURE of the team! PLAY THEM and the fans won’t revolt

    Cubs Rule says:

    This says it all!

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Boxing, you hit it dead on. At least we have our over manager a four year extension. That means that we can do this for years to come. PS, If that beauty is ever at a Pirates game, I may buy my season tickets again. She is a much better watch than the 3 stooges.

    Loose Joe says:

    Hey Slappy! The Stooges see their share of women too!

    Einstein says:

    They do indeed, but they do not see their share of HITS. (Jaso-Larry, Stewart-Curly Joe, and Moroff-Moe)

    Not to mention Where’s Waldo Rodriguez….the “Master of all defensive positions” except the position of BATTER.

    You’re Welcome.

    Anne just Anne says:

    Last place, here we come.

    Scratch says:

    Glasnow got his 2nd chance tonight to show he has it for the Bigs. 2.2 innings pitched. 5 Runs. 6 Walks. ERA up to 7.89. Let’s count this as a “not ready” for the Bigs

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Where the hell have Tebow, Metal Ivan, Narcam Man, Otis, Ollie and Luigi been? Have not heard from any of those guys in weeks.

    StatBrat says:

    I actually find the race interesting now. Can the Pirates hold off the Reds from jumping them in the standings.

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Clint once again has 20+ players in the game because “everybody gets a trophy.”

    Bad mentality. Bad leader. Bad manager.

    Youngstown Fab says:

    Are the pirates still playing? Go Steelers

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