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The Bucs Fans and the Bucs Brass:…Let’s Compare and Contrast

It all starts with expectations.  You, the fan, were optimistic.  If the Pirates remained competitive into late year, surely the brass would try to better the team for the stretch.  Your expectations were rational.  The Brass never had expectations that were aligned with yours.  Yours were high…and theirs were low.


Instead, the Pirates Brass dumped salary and gave away players to save money.  Why? the fan asked.  And the answer came loud and clear.  We’re down in attendance and living in a small market.  In short, we have NO MONEY!

The ineptness worsened on the field.  Watsons and Nicasios were replaced with Benoits and Hudsons.  Once the finality of the season’s expectations sunk in for the fan, there was some money that was dished out.

That cash went to Huntington and Hurdle, failures that benefit from the Fan settling for mediocrity.  And the Fan willing to pay good money for a ticket and over 10 bucks for a dog and beer to watch the season’s hopes dwindle.  This leaves two guys happy:

And this is how it leaves you.

15 thoughts on “The Bucs Fans and the Bucs Brass:…Let’s Compare and Contrast”

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    My husband and I take in the minor league games in Altoona every chance we get. The tickets, food, and beer are cheaper and it’s essentially the same level of players on the field.

    Truth Hurts says:

    The Cleveland Indians are in first place (by a lot) and are also a “small market team.” Remember that they went to the World Series last year? Two reasons why they out-class the Pirates:
    1. Their owner spends 30 million more.
    2. Their manager makes decisions based on winning each and every game.

    They actually don’t really NEED to win each game right now as they are 11 games up in the division, but they still press on and compete. As a matter of fact, they currently have a 15 game winning streak. Spend enough + Good Management = Winning Results

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar so AKA Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    Wow. That makes it hurt even worse Mr. Truth Hurts. The Indians are 100 miles away setting new records with their first place team and I am watching a combination of the Three Stooges, Waldo, and the AAA Indianapolis minor league team.

    Somalian King says:

    Don’t know about this play ball talk, but the Pirates of my country of Somalia reject your biased site.

    Luigi from Harmony says:

    Can we sue the city or county because they had us pay for this new park and did not deliver on the promises? I feel wronged.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Game #1 against the Cardinals tonight. Of course, McCutchen is not in the line up because it’s his “REGULAR DAY OFF.” He’s 30 years old now so when you play a game the day before and only get to sit down 9 times while the opposing team is in the field…that can be extremely tiring for an athlete.

    Not to mention how winded you can get tearing open a pack of those sunflower seeds.

    Gunner says:

    Nicasio shutting down the Pirates in the 9th tonight. Poetic Justice for Bottom Line Bob, Neil Nothing-Done and the Pathetic Succos. I’m so over it now. This is NOT your father’s Pirates. Go PSU, Pens and Steelers!

    Loose Joe says:

    Yes indeed, Nicasio set down all 4 he faced to get the save. Bob Nothing-Paid and Neal Nothing-Done are losing games to guys they let go…and were to cheap to replace.

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    No one on the Pirates is getting a “regular day off” today!?? This is quite odd. Maybe we will score some runs.

    On another is Saturday night. I wonder where owner Bob is stepping out for his high-end Wheeling Saturday?

    Gunner says:

    Nicasio. Again. Of course. It’s like watching your girlfriend boink some other guy. Disgusting. F*** Bottom Line Bob. F*** Neil Nothing-Done. There has to be a way for the City to force a change of ownership. We PAID for the stadium. We DESERVE better. And, F*** Seven Springs, too!

    Oh, well. At least Penn State beat Pitt today! Go Lions, Steelers and Pens!

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Tired of seeing the guys we let go for nothing beat the Pirates. Nicasio shoved it up our a** again tonight. He actually only has a few lifetime saves….but he’s had TWO the last TWO nights AGAINST US!

    And Hey Hurdle, Mr. Rest of a Manager. What’s with Kontos two nights straight when he just came off the DL?????? Maybe well-rested Rivero would not have given up that run. Maybe nothing….VERY LOW CHANCE

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Swept by the Cards. Hot Milwaukee up next.

    Doesn’t anyone comment anymore? Mine are a day apart but they are the last two

    Gunner says:

    Dino – no one comments. No one cares. Why should they? Bottom Line Bob doesn’t care. Neil Nothing-Done doesn’t care. Bubble Gum doesn’t care. The players don’t care. Why should we care?

    Don’t you see? The fix is in. The Pirates suck because they were BUILT to suck. There was never any intention to build a World Series contender. The “ineptitude” following a 98-win season wasn’t ineptitude. It was part of the plan. They were built to raise expectations, “re-bond” a team to a city to raise revenue, then cut payroll and Make a profit for the blood sucking owner, and then, when enough profits were extracted, go into the tank, and move on to another gullible town thirsting for a winner. The next stage of the Plan is in place now: Attendance has fallen and will fall further next season. Bottom Line Bob will blame the fans, and will say he has no option but to move the team to another town. The film-flam Music Man will just move this scam to another town to keep the circus making money.

    If you want to watch Major League Baseball, take the Turnpike west and see an Indians game.

    If you want to watch a Pittsburgh team that is built to win, watch the Steelers or the Penguins.

    But don’t lose any sleep over Pirates fans not commenting on this site. We just no longer care.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    When Where’s Waldo Rodriguez is NOT starting (and he NEVER should be starting), you know how Hurdle brings him in for defensive purposes late in the game? Well, let’s start a new thing and have Brault come in and replace Waldo for OFFENSIVE purposes now and then. Waldo gets about one hit a month!

    .168??? C’mon Hurdle. No one in the league plays regularly and hits 168.

    And he gets 6 million next year I hear. He’s horrible.

    Mendoza says:

    When Jaso hits 60 points above you then you know you really suck!

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