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Harrison Breaks his hand!..Allegheny Health Network Licking their Chops to Roll the Cameras!!

With Harrison on the shelf for the rest of the year with a broken hand, you gotta believe that there will be plenty of cameras and crew reuniting to make um-teen new commercials to bore the hell out of us during next season.  Between Cervelli, Polonco and now Harrison, I have to think they pull more hammys than a pig butcher.  (And break more bones than a competitive wing eater)

SAVE SOME MONEY on all of these alternate uniforms and get these guys some Life Alert Bracelets!  Can you imagine the receptionist at Allegheny Health Network were you to try to get an appointment?  I picture:  “Hello, Mr. Boxing Jimmy, this is Allegheny Health Network and once again we will have to cancel your appointment as we are overwhelmed with dealing with the Pirates players.  We just don’t have time to handle our regular patients.”  Listen close to the tagline they offer in commercials:  “Major League Care for Major League Patients.”  And they mean it literally!  You ain’t gettin’ in.  Iron Man, J Hay, and El Fragile have their own private parking spots.

Lastly, the Bucs are leading Cinci 3-0 as I write this.  We will see if it holds.  Where’s Waldo Rodriguez has contributed his normal 0-fer day.  I have to believe that if Waldo (.186) and Stewart (.185) ever went to a singles hook-up club that they would both strike out looking.

9 thoughts on “Harrison Breaks his hand!..Allegheny Health Network Licking their Chops to Roll the Cameras!!”

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Don’t ever rule out a late Cinci comeback with the Pirates bullpen!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    El Fragile for Polonco. Love it.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Have to give the credit for the new EL FRAGILE nickname to The Gunner. Saw him this evening and he coined it.

    Zuki says:

    At least JHay has something actually broken. El Fragile and Iron Man have a bunch of smoke and mirrors injuries.

    McGillicuddy says:

    My buddy is an Uber driver and he sits outside one of AHN’s hospitals hoping to pick up all of the Pirates.

    Mick says:

    While it is true that Benoit is off the disabled list, he is unavailable this weekend to attend his grand-daughter’s wedding.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Nothing more romantic than a 60 year old granddaughter getting married.

    Jimmy T says:

    I’ve noticed that Clint hugs or high fives everyone coming off of the field. With all of his strength, maybe he is contributing to the injuries.

    Take it easy Over Manager, we are already down to the Three Stooges starting way too often. We cannot afford anymore injuries.

    Luigi from Harmony says:

    We’ve got a roster chock full of “players to be named later.” A bunch of bench players who all get to start at times.

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