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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!….Tightness and Soreness and Quads, Oh My!!

Tightness and Soreness and Quads, Oh My!

The Pirates have more guys on the disabled list than most mid-season NFL teams.  Quads, hamstrings, knees, groins, etc.  Allegheny Health Network must have all hands on deck doing overtime!  “Doctor, you don’t have time to film that next Pirate commercial.  You are needed in E.R.”

I’ll tell you who is healthy though.

Yep, all Three Stooges and Where’s Waldo Rodriguez are all good to go as the Bucs embark on a three game road trip in Chicago.  Ugh!  2 of the Stooges and Waldo combined for 1 (one) hit in yesterday’s victory.  I will say this for Where’s Waldo though; He has played 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, RF, CF and LF this season….and I have to admit that he has played them well and has been very comfortable at each position.  The only part of the field that he is not comfortable…is the batter’s box, where he chips in a meager .189 average.

So here we go against a team we likely need to sweep with Moe:  .145, Curly: .190, and Larry: .218 leading us into battle.  Good luck!  The Pirates can be 4 games out as of Wednesday night or 10 games out.  Which is more likely?  You tell me in our 2nd “vote” of the year.

And keep an eye out for Where’s Waldo Rodriguez.  You’ll likely find him on the field.  I just don’t know where.

29 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!….Tightness and Soreness and Quads, Oh My!!”

    McGillicuddy says:

    We may lose a game or two with Cervelli, Frazier and Polonco out, BUT keep in mind we are likely gaining a game or two by having Benoit on the disabled list. Clint loves him because they can talk about growing up in the 60’s together.

    Box Seat Sal says:

    Then why does Clint Hurdle like Stooge Larry (Spicoli) Jaso so much?? Envious of the dreads?

    For the record, I say we end up 8 games out as of Wednesday (win 1, lose 2)

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Need you really ask? Naturally the Battling Bucs will be just 4 games out after the three with the Cubs. Things are playing out just as I predicted. We have 31 games left and I’m projecting we go 28-3 to the finish line!

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Would you please get back on your meds?

    Cupcake says:

    I think 4 games out (a Pirates sweep) is a bit too optimistic. I will say 6 games out as of Wednesday (win 2 and lose 1)

    Gumby in Hermitage says:

    Frazier just officially went on the 10 day DL. This series might be a Stooges/Waldo Marathon ala TVLand!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Just saw the starting lineup for the Pirates for tonight against Chicago. Not only is Waldo playing, but he’s taking that .189 average TO THE LEAD-OFF SPOT. Just what we need, a low on base percentage guy leading off. Possibly just as screwy, Osuna is hitting 2nd in the line up. WTF is up with Hurdle?

    Stewart is catching, so we do have one of the Three Stooges represented, but trust you’ll see the others by mid-game knowing Hurdle.

    Oh, and it’s Harrison’s “regular night off.”

    Loose Joe says:

    Horrible Hurdle is the worst manager EVER! We gotta get rid of him. Even his coaching staff has to be laughing at him.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I’d just hang the lineup card behind glass like a fire alarm. Break the glass when you have to sub in Waldo. How much worse can it get?

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    Boxing, did you overlook that Marte is hitting 6th in the line up? Absolutely crazy. I’m not a Marte fan but would take his .263 average a stealing capability over a slow .189 hitter. Guess at it turns out tonight, that the crazy part of the whole Where’s Waldo Rodriguez schtick of looking for him at 7 different positions is that now we are looking at him LEADING OFF!

    Toke from Colorado says:

    Would someone give Marte’ some steroids please. He’s fresh out. Hell, GNC sells masking agents. (So, I’ve heard). We need hits!

    Tommy says:

    Clint has the look of either F it or I really don’t give a rats a*s. He knows that he’s done and is just playing out the year.

    He’s too relaxed and smiley. Just watch his act on the pre-game and you will agree.

    Maybe Prince will demonstrate a “set” and do what is needed instead of appeasing and coddling players.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    #8, you got it dead to rites. It doesn’t matter who runs the team. As long as “Nut” bag calls the shots, the best that we can hope for is a wildcard and that is if every long shot pays off.

    Zuki says:

    Luplow is back! Can he be Shemp, that 4th Stooge who would be on now and then.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    You got it Zuki. Luplow is now Shemp. He “out-Stooges” even Moroff, as he is hitting .000.

    No Stooge or Waldo has a hit tonight yet, but well-rested Mercer who had “the day off for his birthday” yesterday, has two hits.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Hey Hurdle; Did you see how Chicago put their CLOSER in for the 9th inning EVEN THOUGH they were up 5 runs going into the inning which meant he could not get a save. Notice???? That’s what the Closer’s role is to WIN a game. (You would not do that with Rivero and never did it with Grilli, Melancon, or Watson)

    Maddon wants to win for the TEAM. You want to pad individual stats. LEARN, will ya??!!

    StatBrat says:

    Ok. Bucs lose 6-1 and are now down 8 (EIGHT) games to the Cubs.

    What ya say now Ollie?

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar so AKA Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    I say that the Bucs are SO, SO done. D-O-N-E !! They played a little league line up today with a few guys hitting under 200 and had one guy leading off who has never led off in 3 years. He never led off because he does not get on base.

    I hardly watched the game as I knew they would lose with that line up. More interested in the flood in Texas versus the flood of losses the Bucs will endure to the end of the year.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Thank goodness that Ollie went to get his meds.

    Cimmaron says:

    For the record, Waldo and the Stooges were an 0-fer at the plate tonight.

    Truth Hurts says:

    Took my wife and 5 year old son on a two-day trip to Chicago so that the wife could shop and I could spend some quality time with my son at the game tonight. After the first inning he asked me “Why don’t the Pirates play the players that I see on TV?” I could not think of a nice way to say that our manager is a jackass so I told him that the Pirates manager likes to try to fool the other team with players they don’t know and “trick” the other team.

    About the 6th inning my son turned to me and said, “The other team does not seem tricked.”

    David Smathers says:

    Just heard that Pitcher Chad Kuhl will be leading off tomorrow. This is getting too weird.

    Millvale Mark says:

    Just saw the lineup for tonight and Where’s Waldo Rodriguez is pitching.

    Einstein says:

    Despite Las Vegas odds which factor in the actual betting of the public to sway odds up or down, the statistical probability of the Pirates actually winning the division is 1 in 2,355. This result factors all of the mathematical possibilities for all three teams in front of the Pirates for each and every game.

    You’re welcome!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    While I did enjoy the two funny references to the line up for tonight, fact is that Kuhl is not leading off and Waldo is not pitching. Waldo is not even in the line up at all. Only two of the stooges are in: Chris Stewart catching and Hurdle Man Crush Jaso in right field.

    I can almost hear Hurdle as he cheers him on from the dugout: “Atta Boy Jaso, you’ll get em’ next time Jaso, you da man Jaso.”

    StatBrat says:

    Here’s another stat/fact for you Einstein. You got WAY too much time on your hands!

    Also, where has Gunner, Metal Ivan, Tebow and Luigi been???????

    Truth Hurts says:

    Allow me the honors for tonight. Bucs lost 4-1 and are now NINE (9) games out of first place. They are also 4 games out of third place and 5.5 out of second place. You know what you call that?? A Combined 18.5 games behind. For a comparison, the Bucs were a Combined 10 games out at the All Star Break.

    Oh, and we are just 6.5 ahead of Cinci? Fifth place a comin’ ??

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    Anyone seen Owner Bob Nutting lately on the Wheeling high society circuit? I assume he is wearing dark sunglasses and a pulled down ball cap. Any Bob Evans sightings, the 3rd highest rated restaurant in town? Did he go the extra 50 cents for the sausage gravy with his biscuits and bacon? Do tell.

    Einstein says:

    The home run is a unique play, in that it is always a score-changer regardless of number of outs or number of players on base. They ability to have these aplenty results in game changing situations.

    The Pirates are 29th of 30 teams in this regard.

    You’re Welcome.

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