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Total Eclipse of the Pirates….ALMOST

Well, not total.

The Reds are still behind the Pirates, so it’s not a total eclipse by the rest of the division, but it is a 75% eclipse with 3 of 4 teams surpassing the Bucs in the NL Central division.  Frankly, this 75% eclipse has gone on all season.

At times this year it has been difficult to watch the Pirates without those special “eclipse glasses” or maybe peeking through a pin-prick hole in a thick piece of paper.  But they are on a 2-game winning streak and the Dodgers are coming off of a loss.  Maybe the Bucs can hang with the Dodgers this week.  Also consider:

  • The Pirates are at home
  • The Dodgers have three starters on the disabled list.  Superstar Clayton Kershaw is still out and will pitch a rehab start in the minors in a few days.  Darvish and McCarthy are also out.  We will see a couple of rookies this week and one who has never started a game.  Maybe we’ve caught them at the right time?

So with all of that said, we would like to hear your prediction (and any feedback) on how the Pirates will perform in this 4-game series.  Will they be:

  • 4-0  (win them all…sweep)
  • 3-1  (3 wins, 1 loss…very respectable)
  • 2-2  (even up with the 1st place Dodgers)
  • 1-3  (1 win, 3 losses…not too good)
  • 0-4   (Lose ’em all…Swept!)

Let’s hear from you.  Even if you don’t get prediction in before tonight’s loss (I mean game), still predict the final result of all 4 games.

59 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of the Pirates….ALMOST”

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Given the depletion of the Dodgers rotation, I’ll will say 2-2.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    4 and 0 baby! The Bucs are clicking in all cylinders and can outscore anyone lately. Lumber Company is here again! Sweep for the Bucs!

    Loose Joe says:

    And that rookie of the year, Bellinger, who was in the home run derby and an All-Star in his first year IS OUT with an ankle problem. I say Pirates 3-1.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Loose Joe is lost.

    Joe, wake up. The mills are not going to open back up. Elvis is dead. Sammy Khalifa is not coming back to save us.

    Otis's Man says:

    Boxing Jimmy you always seem to have the pulse of what’s going on!!!! I think if the pirate management knew what they were doing, they would walk out to the mound, give Clint the hook and………………enter Boxing Jimmy!!!!!!!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Knowing Boxing, if that were to happen they would SAVE budget money on bubble gum but LOSE money on Miller Lite.

    I will also predict 1-3

    McGillicuddy says:

    You’re both nuts. They are still the Dodgers and we are still the Bumbling Bucs, 2-game winning streak notwithstanding.
    I say 1-3

    Youngstown Fab says:

    I’m with McGillicuddy. 1-3

    Metal Ivan says:

    I’m going out on a limb predicting 3-1, but I’m also predicting that it won’t mean a damn thing. They will find a way to lose a bunch of games they should win down the stretch.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    That is a long limb Metal Ivan, but you absolutely can trust that games they should win will end up in the loss column too. (6 more with Cinci I think)

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar so AKA Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    No chance at all. 0-4 will lose them all. I just saw their line up compared to ours and they rock even with the guys hurt. We will get killed!

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    1-3 MAXIMUM! While a AAA pitcher is coming up to pitch tomorrow, tonight they have a guy who is 14-1 pitching!

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I think that I like Pessimistic Ollie better. When Ollie gets optimistic, that is when he needs medicated. Get him back to reality.

    What happened to The Gunner?

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    what’s ur prediction Slap Happy?

    Metal Ivan says:

    I long for the days when I was a conscripted child laborer for J&l, Those were great days.

    Tommy says:

    Man, I remember a lot of them, I think.

    J&L, HH Robertson, Armco, Wycoff, Hussey, etc.

    Man we’re those the days. Business was way better.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Atta Boy. That’s when Aliquippa and Ambridge were great places

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    Uhhhh, BASEBALL talk guys. No one cares about your old man’s time in the mill. This is like listening to the dopey announcers when they get off of the game.

    Youngstown Fab says:

    Not surprised that Jose Osuna, the very much under used player hit a homerun. But I am shocked to see Waldo cash in.

    Stush says:

    Now that the Pirates have a good lead in the game, I will go 2-2 overall in the 4 games

    Lou in Bloomfield says:

    I’m ready for this season to end. This is such unproductive time for me but I feel like I must watch.

    I’d be much happier as a Reds fan. At least there is hope for next year.

    Zuki says:

    I’ll still go 0-4. Once the Dodgers hit our sh** bullpen, they will even come back in this one. (And keep in mind that Benoit is DUE to pitch soon)

    Lou in Bloomfield says:

    Hey Stush, you are on top of it. I’ll bet the Steelers win the Super Bowl in Detroit in 2006.

    Stush says:

    I also predict that Lou in Bloomfield never had a date in his life.

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    0-4 or 4-0 who really fancies either option. I’m much more intrigued by how the jet set hob nobbers of Wheeling celebrated the eclipse.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Whether you are a Bucs fan or not a Bucs fan, you have to agree that Clint Hurdle has the worst instincts for what to do when of any manager you have ever seen. Cole should have been pulled at the top of the inning after one hit, but Clint lets him go to 110 pitches and a Grand Slam that propels the Dodgers to the lead. Just a bad bad manager

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    More than 110 Boxing. 112 pitches and the bases loaded and Hurdle still sits on his hands.

    Elvis from Graceland says:

    ATTA BOY CLINT! Thanks for costing the Pirates another game!

    Kev from TJs says:

    Clint Rocks!

    If you didn’t see that grand salami coming, your are not paying any attention. That was like betting on Secretariat.

    Oh my. I’m so happy about calling that one.

    Tommy says:


    Clint, you are fired.
    (Neil Huntington)

    Thank you so much.
    (Clint Hurdle)

    StatBrat says:

    That’s the problem Kevin. Everyone “sees it coming” BUT CLINT!

    Don’t think I weighed in so 1-3 is my prediction

    Drick says:

    YES YES YES! Watson in for Dodgers. He sucks. Pirates might come back. Will Bucs return the favor the next inning with Benoit?

    Youngstown Fab says:

    Just don’t understand the continued use of Benoit.

    Tony says:

    Still have chance for 3-1in the series. Ha!

    Cantaloupe says:

    Rookie pitching tonight for Dodgers and Pirates are actually favored!

    DJ says:

    Hey Cantaloupe, your wife ever give you a Honey-do list?? HA HA HA

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Yesterday it was steel mills and today it is fruit discussion. Must be too much exposure to the babbling B & Ws. (Block, Blass, Brown, Walk and Wehner)

    Einstein says:

    If you rearrange the word Pirates you get Sea Trip….or Tarpies for when it rains. Or Set a Rip if you just go backwards. You’re welcome

    Pinny says:

    To save face and criticism of WHY he is still on this team, the Pirates placed Benoit on the 10 day disabled list. They list his “disability” as knee inflammation…BUT his real disability is “Inability to Pitch”

    Pessimistic Ollie says:

    Man are they bad. I bet they end up very close to Cinci in final standings. And definitely more than 10 games out.

    Loose Joe says:

    Yep. They will hit rock bottom in next month. And Slappy from Greenfield is a born loser too.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    I appreciate all of your comments but once our bridge is opened, I will have Access pick me up and bring me to you. Then we will see how tough you are when I pummel and school you.

    I miss Tommy Lasorda and Ron Cey. Screw this Puig.

    Optimistic Oliie (bi-polar so aka Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    They’re coming back baby. Can’t hold this offense back! Bucs all the way this year AND next!!!!

    Sunshine from Charlotte says:

    Take your meds

    Youngstown Fab says:

    This Ollie dude scares me.

    Braddock Babe says:

    So far we are golden at 0-2. We are destined to go 0-4 in this series. The reds are going to make last place interesting. Go Reds.

    Love the Con-man of the year photo of Nutting on the home page. So true.

    Optimistic Oliie (bi-polar so aka Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    You guys made jokes but I was right. Buc pitching shut them down and Harrison goes yard. Perfect defense and just enough offense. We will build momentum that will be unstoppable from this!

    Tommy says:

    A good game. I’ll give you that one.

    Optimistic Oliie (bi-polar so aka Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    I just noticed that Pirates gained ground on Brewers AND the Cubs were prevented from stretching their lead on us. The won but could not gain any ground in trying to put us away. Don’t look back Cubbies

    Sunshine from Charlotte says:

    Again, please take your meds.

    McGillicuddy says:

    Vegas took Pirates off of the futures odds for World Series and pennant. You can still bet for the division. $100 bet (If Bucs win division) gets you $2500 and they throw in a free hooker for your blind faith

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar so AKA Optimistic Ollie) says:

    Kuhl tomorrow afternoon for Bucs. No chance in hell. Bucs lose Big…trust me. Don’t even see a reason to play the game. Likely 9 games out after the smoke clears tomorrow.

    Youngstown Fab says:

    I liked that Vegas odds update

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Weather in a Dodgers uniform or in the past in a pirates uniform, Watson still sucks. He gives the Pirates hope with the opposite team uniform on!

    Zuki says:

    Sanchez really sharp tonight…not!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    The series with the Dodgers is over and we have four winners who predicted correctly that the Pirates would go 1-3. The winners are Rico Sanchez, McGillicuddy, Youngstown Fab, and Dino from the rocks. Pessimistic Ollie was close with a prediction of 0-4. Optimistic Ollie was the furhest away at 4 and O. Thank you for your participation

    Optimistic Oliie (bi-polar so aka Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    The Cubs lost and the Cardinals lost and neither could stretch their lead on the Pirates. They are shaking in their boots now as they look over their shoulder. Who’s Laughing Now Chicago and st. Louis??!!

    CubsRule says:

    Does this jackass realize that when a day goes by and Cubs lose NO ground that it is one day closer to the Cubs winning the division? Dude, there’s like 35 games left!

    Einstein says:

    Cutch gets the day off for the opener with Cinci. He’s so so tired. THAT will tell you what kind of non-race we are in. You’re welcome

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