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Where’s Waldo Rodriguez and One of the Three Stooges in Lineup, But What about Max ?

We have Where’s Waldo Rodriguez hitting .193 in the lineup today at shortstop:


And we have John Spicoli Jaso hitting .211 in right field today:


But what about .159 hitting Max “Little League World Series Veteran” Moroff?  After all, he did have that big home run yesterday that reminded him of his dominant days in Little League

Doesn’t seem fair to me to not give the guy that started the rally yesterday (although in a losing cause) that brought the Pirates from a 8 run deficit to only losing by 1 run.  I’d go with the hot stooge over Waldo or Spicoli if I were the Skipper.  Just my opinion!

As I type, the Bucs sit 7 (yes, SEVEN) games out of first place with the Cubs winning again this afternoon.  Slim Chance and No Chance have both exited the building and the Fat Lady has long sung her tune…but now it’s like a train wreck that you just have to watch.  Will Waldo or Spicoli contribute at the plate today?  Will Max get in?  What about our favorite pitcher Benoit?  Will he pitch again or will we DFA him?  (For the record, he makes Watson look like Sandy Koufax)

And, most importantly…WHO is making that third inning run to the concession stand for Hurdle?

23 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo Rodriguez and One of the Three Stooges in Lineup, But What about Max ?”

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    Hurdle likes to sit the hot bats and go with the guys struggling. When he gets asked about that on those pre-game or post-game interviews he always says “we needed his bat on the bench” in case we needed him. Ya. we really need someone when we’re down by too many runs.

    Loose Joe says:

    Jaso DOES look like and act like that Spicoli dude. Layed back surfer type. Wonder if he can navigate the waves better than the outfield?

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    My steward Garson thinks he spotted rich owner Nutting in Wendy’s today ordering the value fries.

    Boneman says:

    I really wish the dunce announcers would stop talking about how Max played in the Little League World Series. The state it with the idea that this would naturally translate into a top major leaguer. Hey, I played 1st trombone in high school but you don’t see Chicago braking down my door for my talent!

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Do we still even have Rivero? He is allowed to pitch an inning even if we are trailing. Maybe he could keep us in the game for an inning (or two) late game and stop the bleeding so we can score a couple??

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Waldo and Spicoli both have hits today!

    Pops McCoy says:

    Rivero is with Jordy Mercer, David Freese, and Jose Osuna playing poker in the dugout.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Everyone is hitting today for Bucs. It’s as if St. Louis pitcher Wacha took some pitching advice from Benoit.

    Scratch says:

    I think we’re going to put an end to this six-game losing streak today

    Cupcake says:

    I agree with Scratch. We’re gonna win the next six. And, hey Bronson, what the heck is a steward anyway?

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    My dear Cupcake of the proletariat, a steward is a butler or servant. I kindly hope this is helpful.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Bucs WIN! Bucs WIN! Bucs WIN! We’re back in the thick of things baby…just a few games out of third place!

    Millvale Mark says:

    Take a chill pill Ollie. We are 4 games OUT of THIRD place. Third place!

    Tommy says:

    Sorry. I was helping my wife with the paint

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Only one of the Three Stooges, catcher Chris Stewart (.202 avg) in the line up for tonight (Sunday 8-20-17) and even Where’s Waldo is on the bench. Hmmm, could Hurdle be trying to win this one on the national stage of ESPN?

    StatBrat says:

    Depressing statistic of the day. If the Cubs go 19-20 in their remaining 39 games, they would end up with 85 wins. I would think that 19-20 is a very minimal record for them the rest of the way.

    For the Bucs to get to 85 wins, they would have to go 26-13 the rest of the season. AND also hope that Cards and Brewers have losing records.

    Oh, and we have the Dodgers next! I think we have finally got to the point that everyone has accepted the team’s fate.

    Gunner says:

    Stat Brat – nice comment. At the Cubs’ current season win rate (.537) – which is actually a conservative figure, considering that they started out slowly – they should win another 20 or 21 games, putting them at a minimum of 86 or 87 wins. In fact, Fangraphs projects the Cubs to win 89 games. To catch them at the minimum (86 wins), the Pirates will need to win at least 28 of the remaining 39 games. And, Fangraphs has the Bucs projected to win just 79 games. Think about that for a minute. A record of 28 and 11 equates to a win percentage of 72%.

    Despite tonights’ win (and feel-good handshake line), what, really, are the chances that the Pirates can do this? Answer: Slim and none (and Slim just left town). Let’s face facts: the Fat Lady has just sung. And, Elvis has just left the building.

    See http://www.fangraphs.comAnd, /depthcharts.aspx?position=Standings

    McGillicuddy says:

    Longtime reader…first time writer:

    Updated odds on winning the National League Pennant:

    If you bet $100 on the Dodgers and they win it, you win $80
    If you bet $100 on the Cubs and they win, you win $375
    If you bet $100 on the Pirates and they win the pennant, you own Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Vegas!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    People keep wondering why the Pirates were picked to be the major league baseball team to play in Williamsport, PA, the site of the ongoing Little League world Series. This is the first ever Major League Baseball Little League Classic and the Pirates were the team they asked.

    Have you watched the Pirates play lately? Do you still really wonder why they were picked?

    Gunner says:

    Yes, Rico; I wonder why. Little League players would not drop routine pop-ups or fail to score from 2nd base on a double to the center field wall. Maybe the Pirates were selected so that they could go to school and watch the Little Dudes play solid fundamental baseball. Any chance they learn a lesson they can bring back to the ‘Burgh?

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Whoo Hoo! Two in a row baby and bring on those loser Dodgers! We might be able to run the table from here on out.

    Cards at birth. Pirates at college says:

    Notice how horrible the St. Louis starters and bullpen really is from watching this series? Did you? Well keep in mind that the Pirates are STILL behind them!!!!…by 3 games…and the Pirates have been under 500 for essentially the entire season. And in 4th place for almost all of the season.


    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    I think I have had a reoccurring epiphany of WHY the Pirates win on nights like this. One, minimize playing time and at bats of the Three Stooges and Waldo. Two, keep pitchers like Benoit and Watson off the mound.

    But given the state of the division and where the Bucs stand, maybe it IS now time to throw the young inexperienced guys in to see who might cut it next year. (Like Glassnow, Brault on the pitching end and Moroff, Diaz and Osuna on the fielding/hitting side)

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