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Mercifully, it's finally over!

Mediocrity at its finest…

My wife get’s it !

9 thoughts on “My wife get’s it !”

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    As I ready myself to watch the “paint dry” tonight against the Cards, I am struck by the fact that NONE of the Three Stooges is in the starting line up. Also, Where’s Waldo Rodriguez is on the bench. Maybe some one had a good talk with Clint? Or maybe Clint wants to win this one and will put the players feelings aside for this game.

    Oh, and just remembered that Joaquin Benoit is likely not available as he pitched (if that is what you want to call what he did on the mound) last night. The Bucs might just win this one!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Don’t get too over confident Boxing. Hurdle can’t help himself and will be using at least two of those stooges tonight at some point.

    Boxing Jimmy says:


    You called it! Guess I lost my mind for a bit there. This is what is called giving up on a game after 6 innings. Why not get the two best hitters in the line up out of the game. Moroff comes in for Harrison at 2nd base. Where’s Waldo Rodriguez come in for Cutch in center field and……….now we just pinch hit Jaso, so we got 2 Stooges and Where’s Waldo Rodriguez all in one-half inning.

    Also bugs we to see Brault getting high fives in the dugout. He pitched 4 innings and 4 runs scored (though only 2 were charged to him to be fair). Not as horrific as say Benoit would have done, but also NOT a high five performance.

    Gunner says:

    And Max not only goes yard, he hits it into the Allegheny!

    Box Seat Sal says:

    You must be drinking again Gunner. I heard that too on the radio but I think they’re just messing with us.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    No no Sal, the Gunner is right. Max just cashed in with his 10th hit of the year with a long HR. His average has jumped up to .159! I’m going to have to chalk this up as the “blind squirrel” theory.

    StatBrat says:

    Clint gave up with the substitutions (even though Moroff came through), but the players didn’t give up. Where is Rivero? On vacation? Had we used reliable Schugel and lights out Rivero in at least a couple of the innings that suspect Hudson or rookie Brault pitched…maybe it would be a close game rather than a three run game in the bottom of the 9th.

    Loose Joe says:

    Close but no cigar tonight. 6 losses in a row

    Tommy in Portland says:

    I’m unsure why anyone still cares. Gotta get back to the paint drying.

    Tommy is everywhere in Portland

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