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Hurdle is Asleep on the job…and when he wakes up he makes bad decisions !

  • I heard a lot of comments regarding the Top Ten Points to Ponder for Clint Hurdle the past two days, but the one controllable that frustrates more than any other is the fact that the Buc’s skipper has cost the team too many games.  Just the past few games are cited as further examples of his bad managerial decisions.  For example:
  • Wasting a challenge on the play at the plate that would have been obvious had he known the rules.  Then when we really needed to have a challenge in our pocket for the play at first base, had none due to the wasted use earlier.  (minus one for Hurdle)
  • No utilizing well-rested Rivero with a 6-5 lead in the 8th and instead allowing Nicasio to blow the lead and the game.  (minus two for Hurdle)
  • Tebow called and cited 5 or 6 different leads blown earlier in season due to Hurdle’s refusal to take Watson out of Closer role.  (minus five more for Hurdle)
  • Pops McCoy called me regarding how Cole gets a free pass from Hurdle and when told to bunt he decided to perform a slug bunt which turned into a double play,  That cost the Bucs ONE out and ONE additional runner on the bases.  Turned out to be the Bucs biggest inning, but how much bigger could it have been if Cole was accountable to Hurdle.  Clint doesn’t hold players accountable and this one cost the Pirates 1 or 2 runs (minus yet another win for Hurdle)
  • You get the picture?  Overuse of guys from the minors, misuse of Watson, bad managerial calls, circus like lineups, and on and on.  We had the talent to compete and Hurdle has been the Pirates biggest Hurdle that is controllable.  (the team and manager can’t control the ownership’s lack of spending)  So, hence the frustration of the fans with screwing up of a “controllable.”  Face it.  The guy is not a good manager.
  • Here is what was written word for word in Colorado on May 30, 2009, the day Hurdle was fired by the Rockies:

“Except for that magical month at the end of the 2007 season, when the Rockies won their first NL pennant by going on an unfathomable 21-1 run-up to the World Series, Hurdle’s teams never were very good.

Aside from their 90-73 record in ’07, the Rockies owned nothing but losing records under Hurdle — he’s the only manager in major league history to begin his career with five consecutive losing seasons and not get fired for it.”

And he has mostly been a loser here too!

  • You want some salt in the wound?  As I write this news has hit that Max Moroff was taken out of a game in AAA Indy today and he will re-join the team by tomorrow.  We will once again have the much anticipated reunion of the inept 3 Stooges Hitters (Moroff, Jaso, Stewart)Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

27 thoughts on “Hurdle is Asleep on the job…and when he wakes up he makes bad decisions !”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Wow. Only manager in MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY to begin his career with five straight losing seasons and NOT get fired for it.

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    I thought you were kidding regarding Moroff but just read it on the twitter site of pre-game tweets on that SCORE app. Un believeable

    Laughing Larry W says:

    Hey, let’s make a party of it and add Luplow back up here.

    Tony & Jeff says:

    The Operations Department of this team is asleep at the wheel

    Box Seat Sal says:

    Got a copy of Hurdle’s fantasy line up from the commissioner of his fantasy league:

    1. Max Moroff: SS
    2. Gift Ngoepe: 2B
    3. Jordan Luplow: CF
    4. John Jaso: LF
    5. Where’s Waldo Rodriguez: 3B
    6. Chris Stewart: C
    7. Where’s Waldo Rodriguez: RF
    8. Where’s Waldo Rodriguez: 1B
    9. Tyler Glasnow: P
    *** And designated reliever: Joaquin Benoit

    Optimistic Oliie (bi-polar so aka Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    Cubs lost today. We’re back in it baby!

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    Any sightings of owner, billionaire Nutting chowing down in Wheeling lately? I saw a Zagat restaurant guide that listed one eatery as a 1-star restaurant. I must take the in-laws there when they are back from Monte Carlo

    Pinny says:

    Good venting site guys! My uncle Sanj told me about it. Heard radio guys bragging about how Moroff played in the little league world series years ago. Do they really think that means he’s gifted on a major league level.

    Otis Kid says:

    Good point Pinny. My Dad played college ball at Niagara yet barely made the lineup for his corporate whiffel ball team.

    Baseball Steve says:

    Today I flew threw the Phoenix airport. It’s amazing. The people at the bars although traveling were talking baseball. Who would have thunk it? Amazing what a winning record does.

    No game was on but current highlights were being shown.

    How many more rain delay Clemente clips do I need to watch?

    Go D Backs!

    History Buffalini says:

    LMAO Steve. So true. We fly through Boston often and it’s a whole different animal there.

    Everyone is sporting the teams colors. PS. They wear that hats correctly too. The brims are facing front.

    Ownership wants and expects to win in Beantown

    Gumby in Hermitage says:

    Pokey, my sidekick just mentioned to me yesterday that the scene is a lot of fun in Arizona with their playoff run. Pokey gets around to a lot of horse/pony shows so he gets to see a lot.

    Manny says:

    Why do these teams walk Jaso so much? What fear does he strike when he looks like he should be on a surf board at Sandcastle loafing with the teens? He is a .212 hitter. Pitch to him

    Manny says:

    OMG. Just noticed Benoit is in. Stay tuned

    Cimmaron says:

    Stop the presses! Anyone notice that Chris Stewart has hit safely in TWO straight games? That is his longest streak since Pony League I think. Hope they saved the ball for him.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    The most consistent guy on the Pirates team is Benoit. He consistently sucks and kudos to Manny for calling it. The other consistent is Hurdle’s unwillingness to recognize ineptness until it is too late. (This could be another MINUS ONE for Hurdle) He keeps costing the Bucs games.

    Zuki says:

    Did Watson paint on some whiskers, shove a pillow in his paunch, and put on Benoit’s uniform. They are like twins when it comes to effectiveness…but to be honest, Benoit is even worse!

    Boneman says:

    Benoits stats tonight:

    1/3 inning pitched
    3 hits
    3 runs

    Overall at Pittsburgh he has well over a 10 earned run average and has done ZERO good for the Pirates. PS. He did strike out ONE batter so far this year for the Bucs. Yes, ONE. Use him again tomorrow Clint!

    Pops McCoy says:

    Thanks for the shout out tonight. My daughter is typing for me as my eyesight has gotten so bad. Yes, this Cole can do anything he wants and you remember when Hurdle took him out of a game about a month ago and Cole was mad and Hurdle let him hit that inning (he messed up a bunt then too) and then had to be taken out the next inning anyway. If I was another pitcher on the team I would say hey Mr. Hurdle, why do you give him his choice and not me?

    In short, he is a crybaby that can’t take adversity. And Hurdle is an enabler that has no spine.

    StatBrat says:

    Moroff has 9 hits this year for the team and he is back (145 average will really help us)

    Stewart has 20 hits all year (202)

    Jaso has played in 96 games, so has the most hits with 46, but he too is low at (212)

    The BOYS are back in town, the Boys are back in town, the Boys are back in townnnnnnn!

    TVLand has a marathon on Tuesday the 22nd if you want to see the Three Stooges back to back to back

    StatBrat says:

    And don’t forget later in the week against the Dodgers as the Pirates have offered a bonus for the rest of the year where ALL GET A FREE ROUND-TRIPPER ON THE COLE TRAIN!

    Heard about it today so take advantage

    Loose Joe says:

    TGIF Waterfront gave me a pen to sign my check with and it had your email addresss on it. This is a great site and me and my buddy were cracking up.
    They do got there problems on the team with misfits like Martay and such a stingy boss man with the money named Nutjob. But my boy Hurdle is a problem to now that I think about it.

    The Fan #1 Listener says:

    Hurdle needs to realize that when you even down by a run or two it is GOOD to use your CLOSER to keep the game CLOSE. Rivero is the most well-rested guy in the past week. Hello!
    Take this game tonight. Couldn’t Schugel have come out for another inning since he went scoreless? Counlnt Hudson have gone another inning? When a guy is getting outs 1-2-3 forget this bullshit of who should pitch the 7th, 8th, 9th.

    And above all, when the Closer of all Closers is playing cornhole in the bullpen….and has pitched a third of an inning in a week……..PITCH HIM!!!!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Remember when the Pirates were winning this game by a score of 5-1 in the 3rd inning? Well now its 11-5 Cards in the 9th. That means 10-0 in the past 6 innings. Gutless…and horrible horrible manager

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Hey Jimmy: Your point about “combined games out” hits home tonight. The short-sighted would say that no harm is done because we are still 5.5 behind the Cubs. In reality we lost a game to the Cards and a half-game to the Brewers.

    5.5 behind Cubs
    4.0 behind Brewers
    3.0 behind Cards
    = 12.5 “combined games out.”

    5.5 behind Cubs
    4.5 behind Brewers
    4.0 behind Cards
    =14.0 “combined games out”

    Aannnnnnnnnd: One less day to gain ground and ground lost

    Metal Ivan says:

    So the Pirates prove once again that no lead is safe. How do you give up 4 runs in an inning in a game you already fell behind in ???

    Poe says:

    Cubs up 3-1 in the 5th. Could we see 6 or 6.5 out by tonight?

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