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Clint Hurdle: Points to Ponder in the Off-Season

#10:  Productive players that are 25 years old probably need less time off.

#9:  Guys with higher batting averages tend to get more hits.

#8:  Lousy or average minor league players should not be brought up.  If they are, at least refrain from starting them.  Keep them on the bench.

#7:  When a Closer blows save after save opportunity, and everyone else on the planet recognizes that a “lights out” reliever should be Closing…make the change a month or so earlier while there is still time.

#6:  Why don’t my players hustle when I give them SO much rest time and days off?

#5:  Try next year to minimize at bats for sub-200 hitters like Where’s Waldo Rodriguez and the Three Stooges (Moroff, Jaso, Stewart)


Absolutely no more “participation” trophies.  (Please see # 9 above)  Because winning for the team is more important than appeasing individuals.

#4:  Spend more time on fundamentals like running the bases and successful execution of rundowns.

#3:  Consistent line ups can mean productive line ups.  Quit treating the line up card as a video game or deck of cards to be shuffled.  Coach and lead more and over-manage less.

#2:  No more acquisitions involving relief pitchers that are older or heavier than me!  (Benoit)

And the #1 Point to Ponder for Clint Hurdle in the Off-Season:


28 thoughts on “Clint Hurdle: Points to Ponder in the Off-Season”

    Scratch says:

    David Letterman would be proud!

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Damn right! And damn funny. Tell it like it is Boxing! He blew his gum too much while blowing our season.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    #3 is something I have been thinking about a lot during this year. If I’m hitting 4th in the lineup (as an example) for any team, I would like to be familiar with the tendencies of the #3 hitter and #5 hitter. Maybe the #3 hitter gets retired and is able to regularly share with me some of the pitcher’s tendencies to help me in my plate appearance. Then the next day I have Joe Nobody hitting in front of me and he does not interpret the pitcher the same way that I am used to…so his feedback to me is worthless. Also, if I am on base I like to know the tendencies of the hitter hitting behind me which helps me run on the right pitches and know how he reacts to hit and runs etc. This shuffle all of the time is craziness.

    Metal Ivan says:

    These 25 year olds should be able to play every game, especially if they are batting well. Has anyone ever heard of Cal Ripken Jr??? Somehow he was able to survive without a day off 4 times a month

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Ripken, Gehrig, etc. Bringing it back to home…how often did I go to a Pirate game as a kid and Clemente was not playing right field? Hell, the lineup stayed the same for years.

    Metal Ivan knows the score.

    Millvale Mark says:

    #2 makes me wonder. Why would the lowly Phillies PAY US to take this guy? Benoit is horrible

    Airman says:

    Hey Mark:

    This was the Phillies was of getting back at an old division rival and an in-state rival. They tricked us

    Luigi from Harmony says:

    Whether you love Clint Hurdle or hate him, you cannot beat Police Station Pizza in Ambridge!

    Gumby in Hermitage says:

    Haven’t heard from Tebow, Gunner, Velvet Fog or DC in awhile.

    Gunner says:

    The Gunner posted on Sunday night to the “Bad Announcers” post. He likes this post even better! ? Funny; sad; and true. I wonder what points should be pondered by Huntington over the off season, or by Pirates fans. ?

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Hey Gunner, I was asking about you yesterday under the “Just when you started to believe” posing by Tommy. You crack me up with that Iron Man Cervelli stuff

    CubsRule says:

    Chris Stewart goes 1 for 3 tonight and brings the average up to .186. He’s killin it!

    Boneman says:

    Maybe think about a lead-off hitter that can hit .280 or so. Marte is at .245 and that is WAY too low for a leadoff hitter. Frazier (280) and Harrison (275) are just two examples of guys who could fill that role better.

    Tommy says:

    Here is how it will go down. Clint, the over manager Hurdle and Neil Nothington will get fired.

    Bob Nothing will announce the firings and communicate some BS, that he wants to write the ship.

    Unfortunately, he will not admit any fault regarding this team. He will point the fingers at others while all that he has to do is look in the mirror to find the one that is truly at fault.

    This guy is cheap. That is not just a rumor. I have seen it firsthand. Last week he stiffed two waitresses at TJs Restaurant in Wheeling after a business luncheon. Don’t believe anything that he says. He is an arrogant creep.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Right on Tommy. He’s a weasel. Sometimes you can just see that in a person. Kinda like Jim Calhoun.

    Bronson from Mt. Lebanon says:

    Just hearing the man spends dining time in Wheeling is enough to know. Then I also heard Robbie was born there. The only good thing to come out of Wheeling is an empty bus!

    Nancy from Butler says:

    I’d normally say to not get so personal with this stuff but in this case I agree

    I heard Mr. Madden saying that the team is down 500,000 in attendance in the last 2 years.

    Doesn’t that speak for itself?

    Zuki says:

    I got to find something else to watch at 7pm most weeknights. Is Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune still on?

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    Forget the fun bobble heads that they give away. They should make those pinatas that are stuffed with candy and look like Bob Nutting (aka Bob Nothing) and have players swing bats at it.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Fifty bucks says that Moroff could not even hit that! Any takers?

    Jaso might go 1 for 35 in his attempts to hit it.

    Sunshine from Charlotte says:

    That’s hilarious Jimmy.

    How’s Iron Man Cervelli doing with the hairline fracture of his fingernail?

    Pessimistic Ollie (bi-polar so AKA Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    I would have chimed in sooner today but I had to pick up my anti-psychotc meds since I am so bummed out! To top it off I just checked the scores and the Cubs and Cards are both winning. I’m going to have to see some demonstration by the ownership by the end of the year that something is going to change.

    StatBrat says:

    Hey Boxing, no need to update us on the Vegas futures odds of the Pirates winning the division. Last time I looked instead of seeing odds it said, “Slim and None. And Slim is heading out the door.”

    Laughing Larry W says:

    Ha Ha Ha!!! My teacher used that line in calculus class at CMU. Lots of good lines tonight.

    Airman says:

    Who you kiddin’ Larry? CMU. C’mon. You’d be lucky to get into CCAC. And Calculus class?? In 11th grade when you worked at Burger King you had no idea how to count change. Stick to general studies.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Here is where the Bucs stand as of late night Wednesday, August 16th:

    5.5 games behind Cubs
    4.0 games behind Brewers
    3.0 games behind Cards

    I have called this a “combined games out” just to name it something. So the Bucs are a combined games out of 12.5. ((It was only 10 at the All-Star Break)

    Can’t just look at the 5.5, as while you have to close that gap you also have to play better than the other two teams. Madden, Vegas, Tommy, Tebow, etc. are all correct. No way.

    StatBrat says:

    Here’s another stat for ya Mr. Boxing guy.

    There are 15 teams in the National League of MLB
    Only 6 of those teams are in 4th or 5th place in their divisions.
    The Pirates are one of those 6

    Now, pour me another Moscow Mule bartender.

    PG Critic says:

    Pittsburgh Pirates Special for August and September: FREE round-trippers on the Cole Train.

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