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Are the Pirates Announcers the Absolute Worst Ever ?

They were “Root Sports” guys up until a couple months ago and are now “AT&T Sportsnet,”  but they are still just awful.  I guess it’s true that you can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called ‘change’ but it’s still going to stink.  And boy does it ever!  Thursday I watched an afternoon game that featured some older hockey guy from Detroit spending 35 minutes in the booth talking hockey during 2 innings of the game.  Could you imagine watching a Penguins game and have some baseball announcer from Detroit dominate the discussion for the majority of the 2nd period?  It’s a baseball game, stick to baseball.  Hello, that is what most people that tuned in want to hear about.

Block has a face for radio but clearly not the talent.

Brown is like the mischievous summer camp counselor who can’t help but get in on the teenage hijinks.

Blass is like the Tom Sawyer of old time baseball gags.

Wehner might be the most boring person on the radio in any capacity.

Walk spends more time reading the out of town menus at the concession stands than filling out his score card.

I’d even be happy if we just got rid of the guys whose last names start with or W.  Is that too much to ask?  Would that be fair?

And mind you I LIKE the daytime and pre-game guys like Starkey and Mueller, Cook & Poni, etc.  Post-game Chris Mack is fine and Paul Ziese is terrific.

Note to camera guys:  Don’t let these announcers suck you in.  Stick with the play on the field and less on the folks in the stands.  I’ve seen my share of 3 year old cotton candy faces, cute signs, and reruns of fan catches in the stands. I get enough of people watching in the airport and mall.  I can do without it.

The horseplay, wedgies, high fives and giggles get old when you listen/watch day to day.  Thankfully, my favorite watering hole has the game on TV but no sound.   I’m beginning to appreciate that more and more.

16 thoughts on “Are the Pirates Announcers the Absolute Worst Ever ?”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    You ever watch when ESPN or Fox Sports covers the game? It’s like night and day. They seem to have a dignity and professional way about them. Guess that’s what happens when more than half of the announcers have no training in announcing.

    Millvale Mark says:

    The big laugh I got tonight in the Bucs win was when Where’s Waldo Rodriguez came in for Jaso in the 8th inning in right field FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES. This implies that Jaso STARTED the game in right field for his bat! (212 avg). Why not tell the truth, which is “Appease all. Everyone gets a participation trophy.”

    Zuki says:

    This Kontos guy seems like he may be the 7th inning righty reliever to not blow a lead. He also seems ok with inheriting runners on base (unlike wussy Watson). Since he HAS been coming through and Benoit has not…Why would we risk using Benoit anymore?

    David Smathers says:

    Yet just one day later the Bucs put in Benoit for the 7th and he gives up 3 runs!

    Metal Ivan says:

    Bob Prince they ain’t Never thought I’d miss Lanny Fratery (not sure how to spell that)

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    I totally agree Metal Ivan. Forgot to mention how much I LOVED listening to the Gunner and also Lanny Frattare.

    Laughing Larry W says:

    Just heard from my Yankees buddy who spent some time in Pittsburgh. He said Block and Brown are not even in the same league as John Sterling, a Yankees broadcaster.

    Box Seat Sal says:

    I like Paul Ziese a lot too, but no one can beat Kevin Gorman and his writing for the Trib!

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    How about Nellie King. He was such a comfort to listen to and a kind gentleman.

    Pops McCoy says:

    You younguns don’t remember the best of the best that was Rosey Rowswell. None of this back back back home run stuff. Rosey would say to “Raise the Window Aunt Minnie this one is coming right into your petunia patch.” And then a crash of window would sound and he would say that Aunt Minnie never made it in time.

    Tommy says:

    Did we forget about good ole’ Milo Hamilton?

    He also talked about the game on the field.

    Gunner says:

    The Gunner was enjoying some cold beverages last night at Whiskers lounge at the Nittany lion inn, when an old Penn State buddy who now lives in Philadelphia commented that at least the Pirates are in an interesting division. He is right. The Nationals,, Dodgers, and Astros are all running away with their divisions and the other two American league divisions are basically two team races. At least the National League Central is arguably a four team race.

    The Possum says:

    Boxing Jimmy, if I am correct, that Detroit hockey guy that you mentioned was Doc Emerich, who is considered to be one of the premier sports broadcasters of this era, and a long time Pittsburgh Pirates baseball fan. He actually broadcast several innings of the Pittsburgh Pirates home game last year, and was fantastic. The current broadcast team cannot hold a candle to this guy.

    Boxing Jimmy says:


    You are correct. It was Doc Emrick. But I don’t care if it was Doc Emrick, Dock Ellis, or Doc Holliday. It’s a baseball game so talk about baseball or get out of the booth! Save your voice for the hockey season.

    Doctor, Doctor, don't give me the news! says:

    Next time the Red Wings play and this Doc guy is announcing, let’s send Wehner up to sit and babble in his boring style about baseball.

    Youngstown Fab says:

    It’s official. We are back to sucking. No offense

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