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Does Clint Hurdle have a “Man Crush” on Sean Rodriguez ??

Seany, wanna play shortstop today?  Seany, wanna play right field tonight?  Want a gatorade Seany?  He’s just gaga over this new toy on the team.  It’s embarrassing to watch.  I used to complain about all of the “regular” days off for every starter when the replacement was Moroff too often.  Now it appears that Sean Rodriguez is the replacement for everyone.  Shortstop, yesterday…right field tonight.  What will tomorrow bring?  Now I know he is a fan favorite and he did have the game winning hit the other day, but he’s not Ty Cobb.  He hits .167 this year and is a career .232 hitter.  His lone hit since being back is that one home run.

Frazier now sits for the third game in a row.  He’s is the highest hitting player at .438 since the All-Star Break.  Frazier has to be wondering what else he can do to stay in the lineup.  He plays 4 positions and hits a ton.  Clint has a way of cooling off a hot hitter with time off.  Only Cutch has a higher team batting average overall than Frazier:

Cutch:   291

Frazier: .284

Harrison: .278


And apparently, Rodriguez will stand in for any player any day.  Tonight Bell sits ..251 (nothing wrong with the switch hitter), Polonco sits..260.. (nothing wrong with him either).  Yesterday Mercer sat.  .257

This Rodriguez is turning into the “full time replacement” for whoever Clint thinks needs a rest.  He’s not the second coming of Jesus  (though he does look a little like him).  What HE IS is the second coming of Where’s Waldo.  Look at the field.  Short stop yesterday, right field tonight.  Where will he be tomorrow.  Let’s cut to the chase and just get him that red and white striped outfit to make it easier on fans.

20 thoughts on “Does Clint Hurdle have a “Man Crush” on Sean Rodriguez ??”

    Mr. Hand says:

    Clint acts like a flirty school girl around ‘ol Serpico.

    Manny says:

    The line is “GIDDY as a school girl.”

    Mr. Kotter says:

    They used to go for Vinnie Barbarino like that too.

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    You made fun of Jaso last night and he homered! Maybe SRod will do it again!!

    Gunner says:

    Optimistic Ollie, you called the shot! Impressive.
    Coincidence or clairvoyance? Any investment advice to share, oh prescient one?

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    Short the market for the next week or so while the North Korea stuff bubbles. SDS would be my stock play

    StatBrat says:

    Let’s not forget that Rodrigues entered Sunday’s game as a replacement 2nd baseman and then finished the game playing 1st base. That’s 4 positions in 3 days. (1st, 2nd, SS, RF). If baseball positions were sex partners…he’d be a slut!

    Youngstown Fab says:

    And Hurdle would be his pimp.

    Cubs Rule says:

    Keep leading off with a 245 hitter named Marte. Leadoff hitters are supposed to have a strong on base percentage. Guess without the juice its a little more difficult for the guy

    Millvale Mark says:

    I have one more position I’d like to see Rodriguez play…General Manager!

    Sandy from Canonsburg says:

    Let me add two more positions: Owner and President.

    **Nutting is out of the lineup today, replaced by Rodriguez
    **Huntington out of the lineup today, replaced by Rodriguez
    **Coonelly is out of the lineup today, replaced by Rodriguez

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Wehner and Greg Brown have been talking about nicknames for 2 innings. Enough already!

    Dutch Girl says:

    Verlander pitches tonight for Detroit and Verhagen pitches for them tomorrow. Do they have a farm team in Brussels?

    Youngstown Fab says:

    What a bad 10-0 loss. They suck on the road.

    Gunner says:

    True; the 10-0 drubbing was bad, and the Pirates are now 24-32 on the road. But except for the division leaders (Nats, Cubs, Dodgers, Indians, Astros) and the Rockies and Twins, every single MLB team has a losing road record. Every one. Even the NL East-leading Red Sox are just 29-29 on the road.

    To cheer up, think of it this way: at least we aren’t living in Philadelphia. Phillies are, get ready for it, 19-41 on the road.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Harrison’s regular day off today, so Where’s Waldo Rodriguez in for him.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Look out for St. Louis: THEY are the HOT team!

    Jim from Somerset says:

    1. Geritt Cole is not Cy Young. He will actually be Sayonara come contract time and on this one, I agree with Neil Nothington and Bob Nothing. Someone is going to give him 20 million or more per year.

    2. We are in 4th place. Not second. We have zero shot of a wild card. Why the excitement?

    3. Attendance is down 3,000 people per game this year and over 6,000 per game over the previous year.

    For those of you who still live in the clouds and don’t get it, here’s one last eye opener that even Ronnie Milsap would see.

    In this decade, when the Pirates had the highest annual attendance of almost 2.5 million (2015) they also had their highest payroll of $104,457,999. When the Pirates had the lowest attendance (2010) they had their lowest payroll of $37,443,000.


    Pessimistic Ollie bi-polar, so (aka Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    I’m with you Somerset!. Of course tomorrow I may change my mind as I flip-flop a lot.

    StatBrat says:

    A wise, tell it like it is approach there Jimbo. You don’t post often but I enjoy the facts you present.

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