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Now that Max Moroff is gone, WHO is making the 3rd inning run to the concession stand for Clint Hurdle ??

It was a familiar sight for a few months.  End of the 2nd and low and behold Moroff was doing the running for the Skipper’s munchies.  No more.  He is back at Indy and have to wonder who will assume this role in his absence.

  • My vote is John Jaso, the .214 hitter who has accomplished just one hit in 6 weeks.  He’s a bit ambidextrous since he bats left and throws right…perfect for carrying a drink in one hand and some snack in the other.  But he does have that unruly hair so that could pose a sanitary concern.
  • My second vote is for Chris Stewart.  11 years in the big leagues and he has a total of 9 home runs and 86 RBIs.  In ELEVEN YEARS.  Production?  C’mon.  He hits at an average of .181, well below the Mendoza line.  Remember the guy who was blasting the ball all over the park back in June?  He was 3rd string Elias Diaz, a heavy hitting catcher that at least has a .266 average.  Why he is not starting as the back up catcher is a mystery that only Clint Hurdle can answer.
  • Third choice is this Benoit pitcher bum.  Two outings, two home runs and P-L-E-N-T-Y of men allowed on base.  He’s not needed in the bullpen until later game (if ever) so why not him to make the run?  He brings 40 years experience in eating, has played for a dozen teams, so probably knows the ins and outs of the tasty treats at most ballparks.

We’re 4.5 back, having some fun, but still scratching our heads with some decisions.

18 thoughts on “Now that Max Moroff is gone, WHO is making the 3rd inning run to the concession stand for Clint Hurdle ??”

    Anson says:

    Boxing Guy:

    But why does it take the team sooooooo long to recognize a need to demote, DFA, or trade?

    Zuki says:

    Let’s get that Gunner dude to vote on options 1, 2, 3 above. He will break it down logically.

    Catcher Chris says:

    It better be Jaso! I have to keep the gear on in case Frankie goes down. Not too mobile in catcher’s gear to get to the stand.

    Luigi from Harmony says:

    What’s wrong with Rivero? Two of the last three times he demonstrated he is human. We don’t like when he’s human.

    Paulie says:

    Hudson is sucking lately too. Seems like when one is getting better, two others are laying eggs.

    Velvet Fog says:

    Lost the site url and couldn’t remember it. I should have tried tried the obvious. Duh! Thankfully my son Kevin reminded me. Thanks for the entertainment and information guys.

    Luca from Canton says:

    I hear that Diaz has been down as of late at AAA. Who wouldn’t be if you were in his shoes? The guy comes up here, does a great job replacing and actually improving upon the batting average at the position and BTW, has the strongest arm at the position on the team.

    Then what does Clint, the over-manger do? He demotes him back to AAA. I don’t care if he has options left, he is the best option for this team but we don’t do what’s best for the team.

    Gunner says:

    Zuni – I am with Boxing Jimmy on this one. It has to be Jaso. That whole ambidextrous thing does make him perfect for carrying a drink in one hand and a snack in the other, and I don’t think Hurdle would even notice the crazy hair. Much as I would prefer to see that Bonoit guy panhandling outside PNC Park, he will be confined to the bullpen, and so he isn’t good candidate to be Hurdle’s Hubba Bubba runner. And Stewie does have all that heavy gear on just in case, you know, Ironman Fransisco goes down, and he isn’t nearly as mobile as Jaso, even on a good day. So, it has to be Jaso. Plus, now that Serpico is back, Jaso is completely, totally, 100% expendable.

    Teke in Texas says:

    Hey Boxing – Many of us in Houston are mad as he** that the Astros did so little at the trade deadline. We figured the Team would go all-in after the year we’ve had. Then, I looked at what the Bucs did, and actually felt better for the ‘Strohs!

    Your GM and FO are such a joke, Boxing. No, really – what did they do with all of the money they saved on Gangnam Style, the Marte PED Party and DFA-ing Jared Hughes?

    This season, the Pirates have saved:

    $15,988.37 for every day Gangnam Style is on the restricted list, about $2 million. And, per your GM, he ain’t going back no mo, no mo, no mo, no mo.

    $2.5 million during the Marte Party suspension.

    About $2 million because they cut Jared Hughes when they did.

    Did they reapply that to the major league payroll? Did they add a fourth outfielder after Marte’s April suspension? Did they add a third baseman over the winter when they KNEW about Gung-Ho’s suspension? Did they do anything, ANYTHING, to bolster the starting pitching?

    So, Boxing, here’s my question: what happened to the money??? And, why blame Bubble-Gum for the Bucs struggles when he was handicapped from Day One by the cheap ownership and the joke of a GM and FO?

    The Possum says:

    Hold the phone, fellas! JASO just homered. He can’t be the BubbleGum runner. Bucs need his bat in the lineup. The Lumber Company is back in business, boys. LOL. So, my vote for BubbleGum runner goes to Has-Been Benoit.

    Paulie says:

    The way Hurdle sits Frazier so much, might as well have him do the running. (Highest average since break of all national league players and the guy isn’t starting the past two games)

    Laughing Larry W says:

    Jaso seems to find the stands as a pinch hitter regularly, but he can’t seem to find a barber.

    StatBrat says:

    Wake me up if we ever get back to .500

    Beaver says:

    George Kontos, despite being 0-5 and not even wanted in S. Fran, is STILL better than Grandpa Benwah I say we dump Benwah to make room for someone else.

    Cimmaron says:

    Guy writes about ben wah and signs his name as Beaver. The irony!

    Luca from Canton says:

    Ironman Cervelli. LMAO. ???

    Metal Ivan says:

    I’d volunteer but I just tripped on the sidewalk going to get pizza and Boxing Jimmy gave me a ride home. Thanks again.

    Airman says:

    Can’t let Benoit run for snacks cause he’ll eat ’em all.

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