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5.5 Games Out…But CAN we get rid of Two Clint Hurdle Quotes/Lines/Answers Spoken WAY too many times this season??

  • #1) “We need to get  (fill in the name) some at bats.”
  • #2)  “Today was his regular day off.”

I have to fess up that I bolded some of his words above because I would like to take EACH of those words and string it into a sentence that all of us would really like.  (And I am going to ADD one key word)

Here it is:  “We need to get some regular wins (the new word)

Why is the word “wins” missing from the edict, purpose, objectives day to day?  Why is it subservient to individuals needs and wants?  Why is it not the main goal every day??  Too many times this year the individual goal has been subservient to the main goal.  Examples:

  • Watson needs some work.  (When Rivero should have been Closing since May)
  • WAY overuse of Moroff when Frazier plays the infield and outfield and is a legitimate future star.
  • The rotation of Osuna, Jaso, and Frazier in the missing spot when it was obvious who should have started each game.
  • Regular days off for guys that are hot in the past week.  (Rest from October to February, you are 25 years old.  Do YOU REALLY want time off?)

What could have really happened had we played the best players every day from April until now?  What could have really happened if we really went for it?

I’m tired of Moroff needs some at bats, Watson needs some innings, Bastardo needs some work, Benoit needs to get acclimated, this is Cervelli’s normal day off, Stewart needs some work behind the plate, etc., etc.


15 thoughts on “5.5 Games Out…But CAN we get rid of Two Clint Hurdle Quotes/Lines/Answers Spoken WAY too many times this season??”

    Box Seat Sal says:

    Bravo Boxing! The loyalty to Watson to get him saves is what hurts me the most. Player over team never a good thing…

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Where is the big revelation with this manager? This is his M.O. and why Colorado said, and I quote: “He has worn out his welcome.”

    Optimistic Ollie (bi-polar: so also Pessimistic Ollie) says:

    I never (well almost never) say anything critical of the skipper but I am starting to think that we could be 3 games up in the division if he just had some logic, and would quit appeasing guys.

    StatBrat says:

    Reality Check to the dopes out there: 5.5 games out sounds good but realize that when we are playing down the stretch and winning a game against a division opponent….someone else is also winning a game that is ABOVE us. When teams above us play each other one of them has to lost, but the other one has to win.

    5.5 out is deceptive!

    Luigi from Harmony Township says:

    I know one thing for sure. Whether you love Clint Hurdle or hate him, you Gotta Love Police Station Pizza!

    StatBrat says:

    Bucs trade for Sean Rodriguez?? I know he was well liked, but he is hitting .162. “Well liked” doesn’t win games. And don’t we have enough guys on the bench that hit below 200?

    As for the other acquisition today. The Giants released some bum pitcher named Kontos and he cleared waivers meaning no other team wanted him. Then the Pirates picked him up. When you are getting pitchers from the Phillies (Benoit), who are the worst team in baseball…and then the Giants (Kontos), who are the 2nd worst team in baseball; Thats not good.

    Sean says:

    Back to losing tonight. 4 games under 500 on the year and still in 4th place.

    Hillary says:

    Maybe Hurdle is colluding with the Russians??

    Pelosi says:

    Maybe there is a LEAKER? Third base coach Cora? Searage? Jaso?

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    Another day, same old, same old crap with this team. Frazier had 2 clutch hits in the last two nights. He will probably need a day off to rest today.

    I’d advise watching women’s golf instead. There are some real hotties out there playing.

    I was thinking about catching the game today but decided that it would be more fun scrubbing the toilets at my house.

    Luca from Canton says:

    Hey Slappy, where about do you live up there? I use to know a gal up that way named Mary Beth. Not bad, but kind of a drunk.

    PS. I’d bet on St. Louis today.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Its Bell and Cervelli’s regular day off today. And why not give Frasier a day off since he has been so hot and is the highest hitting player in all of the National League since the All-Star break. Ridiculous when you really need to win

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Dumb lineup today but was happy for Rodriguez. What a way to come back to Pittsburgh.

    Chuck in Uniontown says:

    SRod is back!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Just realized that Max Moron is back in triple A Indy. One less TOY for Hurdle to play with! With wastes like Bastardo, Watson, Moroff gone…maybe we can actually win a few more games. Now let’s work on Jaso never starting again (I’m fine with him pinch hitting once a month) and bringing up Diaz to take the catcher’s role instead of Stewart on Cervelli’s “off-days.”

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