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“6.5 Games Out and Hurdle has Swallowed the Huntington Doublespeak Pill”

Ok.  We know that Nutting and Huntington are not our allies, and did nothing to help the Bucs make a run this year.  But what is with Clint Hurdle’s interviews?  Particularly his post-game interview after losing to Cincinnati tonight.  Here are Clint’s thoughts:

  • We probably needed a better first throw and a quicker tag.
  • We missed some opportunities early.
  • We’ll take it one step at a time.
  • We will have to re-visit the checklist.
  • We’ll peel back some of the layers.

Excuses don’t resonate well at this point.  If it really is the company line than know that it is not too palatable to fans.  (And oh how I wish one reporter would ask, “Why are you starting Jaso who hasn’t had a hit in two months and is 0 for 34 since June 5th)

Is Clint just trying to appease and save his job?  Has Huntington and Nutting told him how to handle any question?  Or does he just suck as a leader?

Can Clint say this instead?

  • As a team, we know we are not performing to the level that we should.
  • We are not executing at the plate, on the base paths, defensively, or on the mound.
  • I apologize to the fans for their unwavering support when our team is performing like this.
  • I am dedicated to righting this ship and am thankful for your patience.


Lastly, I made a note of where the Bucs were at the All-Star break:

7.0 behind Brewers, 1.5 behind Cubs, 1.5 behind Cards  (7+1.5+1.5= 10)

As of tonight it stands:

6.5 behind Cubs, 4.0 behind Brewers, 1.0 behind Cards  (6.5+4.0+1.0+ 11.5)

A month is gone and we have lost ground to leap-frogging all three teams.  I keep hearing it is a WEAK division.  You know why it is weak?  Because the Pirates are the chief under performer in the division.

13 thoughts on ““6.5 Games Out and Hurdle has Swallowed the Huntington Doublespeak Pill””

    Winston Churchill says:

    “Whether you believe you can do it or believe you can’t, you’re right.” The Pirates front office and manager embody the latter part of this quote.

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    My son Frankie and 3 of his 8th grade buddies want to challenge four Pirates to a 4 on 4 “double or nothing” game on the Sto-Rox pony league field. They challenge Moroff, Stewart, Jaso, and that new guy Luplow.

    If they are up for it we will sell tickets to charity.

    Dave from Ambridge says:

    I will donate $1,000 to see this.

    Lexi says:

    Listen to Paul Ziese after the Pirate post game show on the radio. He is no nonsense straight talk just like Kevin Gorman for the Trib.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Ran into one old and two new friends in Ambridge last night. Like most of us, they too expressed some of the same frustrations that we’ve been talking about for the past couple of months. This is the platform for all of you out there to get it off your chest. Believe me it feels better then!

    Ralph says:

    I’ve got five bucks that says dinos kid strikes out at least two of those four

    Rico Sanchez says:

    And I’ll take the OVER 3 on how many fielding blunders Jaso will have.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    John Jaso has not had a hit since well before the All-Star Break. (That’s an .000 average just to make sure we’re on the same page). Yet, he has walked 5 times during that period. Here is an “off-the-record” piece of advice to opposing pitchers: Don’t walk him.

    Despite the poor showing for Jaso, he STILL has an overall batting average for the year that is 70 points over Moroff.

    Cy Young says:

    Hey Boxing, that guy Stephensen that pitched for the Reds yesterday had given up one run per each inning over the course of the year. 32 runs in 34 innings to be exact. He has never had a win. Yet he had a one-hitter in the 5th over the Pirates last night. Unbelieveable!

    Davinci says:

    At least Reds have two 300 hitters in their lineup. Its their pitching that has killed them

    Pete Cetera says:

    This shit is exhausting. I’m going to go tomorrow to see Chicago (The Band).

    How sad is it that I made a dinner reservation at Hyde Park for 7pm? I figure that I will get into the game around 9.

    Slappy from Greenfield says:

    LMAO Pete.

    That’s a great idea. I can’t afford to eat there but it’s going to be a great show. Probably a bad game but a great show.

    I predict that the Pirates lose 25 to 6 or 4

    Greg from 15202 says:

    Chicago? Are they still alive? How old are they now, like 90? Get a grip on yourself gents.

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