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Neil Nothington & Bob Nothing Give Us Exactly That!: NOTHING

Now I know why I interpreted yesterday’s interview with Huntington as double-speak.  He telegraphed that it would be a zero sum game for him and the team.  Lot’s of wordiness, but no action.  Well, to be fair there was some action.

  • The Pirates sent Watson to the Dodgers for 2 single “A” players.  Don’t worry about memorizing their names as you will likely never see or hear of them again.  Still, no loss in return for Watson as I would have traded him for a ham sandwich and chips.
  • The Pirates traded 1 single “A” player to the Phillies for a reliever named Joaquin Benoit.  Grandpa Benoit is a 40 year old  guy with 2 saves, a 1-4 record and a 4.07 ERA this year.  Did I mention he is 40 years old!?  (For the record, Benoit is not a lucky name with wrestler Chris Benoit killing his son and wife before hanging himself 10 years ago.  Philly pitcher Benoit was 30 years old back then.  But I digress)  The Phillies are 25 games under 500 and they wanted rid of this guy.  Tell you anything?  They even picked up most of his salary.  Tell you anything?
  • Regarding the Benoit trade, I cannot source the origin of the quote so I will paraphrase what I heard today:  “Oh my goodness, stop the presses and prepare for the parade in Pittsburgh.  I cannot imagine a more meaningless trade of a washed up 40 year old going to a team that’s going nowhere.”  Couldn’t say it better myself.  Heard the phrase No Deal Neal today (trib writer I believe).  I like it but am partial to Neil Nothington tonight.  He provided no deal…and gave the Bucs nothing.

The Cubs must be thrilled with the white flag waving brightly.

10 thoughts on “Neil Nothington & Bob Nothing Give Us Exactly That!: NOTHING”

    Box Seat Sal says:


    Tribune Review sports guy Kevin Gorman used that No Deal Neal line in a column online tonight. I guess that means it will be in tomorrow’s paper. His columns are always refreshing because he cuts through the morass of misinformation and biased leanings and just lists fact after fact. And sorry to say Boxing, but as much as you twist Huntington’s last name for a laugh, at least Kevin Gorman spells his first name NEAL correctly!

    Boxing Jimmy says:


    OUCH! I will pay better attention to my propensity for misspellings. We do appreciate your regular comments on various posts. I will even try to pass on your kudos to Kevin Gorman. I will have to start looking at the Tribune more regularly.


    Pessimistic Ollie (aka Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    I used to be more tolerant of the non-spending of the Pirates but I’m becoming increasingly bitter when I read of Nutting’s huge profits. Is he making stooges of all of the fans who are just happy with a competitive team into the summer months? He’s worth over a BILLION dollars I read and is the 8th richest person of all 30 owners.

    Cubs Rule says:

    I LOVE being in this division as a transplant from Chicago. Even Sinatra called it My Kind of Town! The mid-market teams are waving for surrender. Cubs can probably play 500 to the end and win the division by 6 games easily.

    Rico says:

    Oh thank you thank you for posting something tonight. I really miss the banter and the thought that all of that goes away when we throw in the towel is depressing. We do have something like 13 games in a row against losing teams, so maybe we can at least make it interesting.

    StatBrat says:

    Hey Boxing! How about an update on Vegas odds like you have provided post-trade deadline??

    Zuki says:

    Still would like to hear from that Gunner dude or Tebow regarding our chance to STILL win the division. Face it, the Brewers are failing, the Cards did not trade much to give more hope and the Pirates have the weakest schedule I think.

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    I know the Pirates are hurting for players with Polonco and Harrison out. But Jaso is hitting 215 and has not had a hit since June 5th. Osuna would be a better choice for his bat.

    Dave from Ambridge says:

    Bet against the Pirates every game and you will win $$$. The team is going to go into a “whoa is me” mode and when you have over manager Hurdle in charge the abyss is upon us.

    Tommy says:

    Dave, I agree with you. I plan on going to the viewing so that I may pay my last respects tomorrow night. I feel as sad as I do when I watch the junkies and thugs get busted on the news.

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