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Mercifully, it's finally over!

Mediocrity at its finest…

Sell, sell, sell…

Who are we kidding? Ourselves? It’s time for a yard, fire, garage, estate or blue light special sale.

We had a fun week or so and now we are back to being the Pirates.

Why waste heart strings on this team? Ownership doesn’t? Over manager Hurdle doesn’t.

It was a fleeting moment in time. So were the Pittsburgh Maulers and the Pittsburgh Spirit.

Let’s get a grip and realize that Steelers mini-camp is underway and then the irrelevant Pirates will be in 4th place again.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s not 1979.

7 thoughts on “Sell, sell, sell…”

    Lou from Rochester says:

    About time that somebody gets it. Let’s see how this works, the Cubs wake up, have a team and Epstein has a budget to win and a history of winning.

    We have empty promises yet a profitable team. Hey, I’m all about making money but Mr. Nut Bag, don’t think that all fans are idiots. Only the obese ones that pay for all you can eat hot dogs.

    I’d be mad but really don’t care anymore. I’m used to it.

    Jason from behind Aliquippa says:

    LMAO Lou.

    So true.

    Suck down a dog and a $12 beer and shut the hell up. Throw up in your moms basement and complain on The Fan since you can’t handle Mark Madden.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    I’m struck by mood and comments from the last three posts & comments. C. Tebow says SELL. Vegas says SELL. Baseball draft guru Tommy says SELL. Who am I to argue the logic? In case you missed it, the Pirates just fell back into 4th place as of midnight Wednesday night. I don’t care that they are only 4 games out of first place. Three teams in front of them are closer to the division title. Do you really, and I mean really think that the Bucs can play 4 to 5 games better the rest of the way over all three? Maybe we can eventually eclipse one of the three at the wire. But the Pirates are not really better than ALL of those three teams. Since the All-Star break the teams in front of us (including the Rockies if you are dumb enough to still look at the wild card race) all made some deals…with more to come.
    As Tommy said, Steelers mini-camp is soon and we can still bask in the afterglow of the Pens victory.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    And this affection for players that are stone cold at the plate HAS to stop. Jaso and Moroff are a combined 3 for 70 in July. (.043 average). Jaso has not had a hit in three weeks. (July 5th was his last hit). STOP IT!! Jaso started today’s game and pinch hit the day before. STOP IT! Keep these two on the bench. If Freese needs and day off, put Harrison at 3rd and Frazier at 2nd. If Freese plays, have Frazier play right field. I’m not saying Frazier is great but Moroff or Jaso starting in place of him?? C’mon.

    And putting Watson in anytime we are ahead or behind by less than 10 runs is suicide. TRADE HIM for one of the hot dogs and beers Tommy spoke of. Get anything!

    Pessimistic Ollie (aka Optimistic Ollie in the past) says:

    As his reputation dictates: Nutting puts a new ski lift in at Seven Springs and the Pirates’ fans get a snow job. That is just the way he rolls.

    Zip from New Castle says:

    Boxing, you know it and call it like it is. Stone Cold John Jaso needs to go.

    Zach from Mt. Washington. says:

    It’s time to throw in the towel gang. We all new that for a couple weeks this was a dream. But as we do with dreams, when we wake up, we realize that our dream made no sense at all.

    It’s time to sell and dump payroll. However the first step when the Pirates get back from this road trip must be to fire Hurdle. Then the rebuild may truly begin.

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